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Apparently, Democrats are noticing that their impeachment hearings are hurting Democrats more than they’re hurting President Trump. It’s becoming painfully obvious to those willing to see what they actually see.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza just now noticed and wrote about it, saying “Even as the House prepares for the historic vote, however, there’s growing evidence that the public impeachment proceedings in the House against Trump may actually be helping him politically.” Cillizza then continued, saying this:

Take a new Gallup poll released Wednesday morning, which shows two things happening since House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, opened up a formal impeachment inquiry in October regarding Trump’s conduct with Zelensky:

  1. Trump’s job approval rating has gone from 39% to 45%
  2. Support for Trump’s impeachment and removal has dipped from 52% to 46%.

Pelosi’s Democrats have helped President Trump go from a good candidate with great fundraising figures to a total beast whose campaign is just getting started. This isn’t about fact-finding. It’s about the Democrats’ outright hatred of President Trump. Doug Collins, the highest ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, summarized things beautifully during this interview on Fox & Friends:

By contrast, Democrats are flailing during today’s impeachment. Earlier today, Chairman Nadler accused Republican Louie Gohmert of repeating “Russian propaganda”:

The best line of Rep. Gohmert’s presentation was “You send blankets and MREs. They can eat and be warm while the Russians are killing them.” That’s what caused Chairman Nadler to accuse Gohmert of repeating “Russian propaganda.” It’s understandable that Chairman Nadler didn’t like what Mr. Gohmert said. That doesn’t make it Russian propaganda, though. It’s just the truth.

There’s plenty of verification that the Obama administration sent blankets and MREs to Ukraine. This article highlights how the Obama administration ‘helped’:

The package includes $7 million for international relief organizations providing humanitarian aid to civilians impacted by the fighting between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists. Another $46 million will go to assist Ukrainian military and border guards.


U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker will also travel to Ukraine later this month to meet with senior government officials and business leaders to discuss economic reforms there, as well as steps Kiev can take to strengthen its economy and attract private capital.

Those efforts are in addition to $291 million in direct assistance the U.S. has already provided to Ukraine, as well as a $1 billion loan guarantee offered to stabilize its economy.

But the new assistance does not include lethal aid, which leaders in Kiev have long called for in their fight against pro-Russian separatists. Poroshenko renewed that call during a joint address to Congress earlier Thursday, telling lawmakers “one cannot win a war with blankets.”

Democrats, not Republicans, endangered Ukrainian lives. Here’s additional proof that Democrats are flailing:

(H/T: Hot Air) If Democrats have “overwhelming evidence”, they should be willing to hold the trial without additional witnesses. These Democrats aren’t the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

A while ago, Adam Schiff and other Democrats compared his secret impeachment hearings held in a SCIF in the basement of Capitol Hill to grand jury proceedings. That’s BS. They’re as similar as oil and water.

Most importantly, impeachment hearings involve the leader of the free world. The Democrats’ impeachment hearings have taken months, which have distracted President Trump from his important responsibilities. When a grand jury indicts a criminal, the only person getting penalized is the potential criminal. When the president gets impeached, the people get punished as much as the president does. (Does anyone think that China wouldn’t have caved by now on a trade deal if not for this impeachment fiasco?)

Next, when witnesses testify before a grand jury, they’ve actually witnessed something. Over half of the people that the Democrats deposed didn’t witness a thing about what the Democrats are impeaching President Trump about. Testifiers like Marie Yovanovitch, George Kent, William Taylor and others didn’t listen to the call. None of those testifiers has even met President Trump. Lt. Col. Vindman listened to the Trump-Zelenskiy phone call but hasn’t met President Trump. Lt. Col. Vindman raised a concern but that was determined to be insignificant. Later, Lt. Col. Vindman testified that the rough transcript was accurate.

Democrats have a very weak case. They’re whining that White House staff won’t testify. When they had the chance to take them to court to compel testimony, though, they declined to compel testimony through the courts. Democrats have frequently said that the White House exerting various privileges might add more articles of impeachment.

That’s why the White House has declined to participate in Wednesday’s hearing of the Judiciary Committee:

“This baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness,” wrote White House counsel Pat Cipollone, continuing the West Wing’s attack on the procedural form of the impeachment proceedings. Cipollone said Nadler provided only “vague” details about the hearing, and that unnamed academics, and not “fact witnesses”, would apparently be attending.

“As for the hearing scheduled for December 4, we cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named and while it remains unclear whether the Judiciary Committee will afford the president a fair process through additional hearings,” Cipollone said. “More importantly, an invitation to an academic discussion with law professors does not begin to provide the President with any semblance of a fair process. Accordingly, under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing.”

Thus far, Democrats have vetoed each of the Republican witness requests. They’ve blocked the CIA snitch from testifying because he knows whether Schiff’s office sought him out. They won’t let Hunter Biden testify because connecting him with Burisma’s corruption hurts their case. They won’t Joe Biden testify because explaining this away would prove difficult:

Democrats are afraid that good prosecutors like Matt Gaetz and John Ratcliffe will expose Biden’s corruption. It’s a safe bet that they’d make Biden look like a fool. That’s why Democrats can’t play this fair. Playing fair wouldn’t get the result they’ve wanted:

To summarize: Many Democrats wanted to impeach Trump from the get-go. Frustrated at their inability to get it done, they jumped on their last, best hope, taking shortcuts to ensure their preferred result and racing to beat the political deadline imposed by their party’s presidential contest. Through it all, they have insisted they are acting only with great reluctance and sorrow.

The question now is whether the public will believe it.

When it comes to analyzing election cycles, Newt Gingrich has excelled for more than a generation. When he writes an article that talks about a looming Trump landslide, I listen. Speaker Gingrich’s article cites 5 things that point to a Trump re-election landslide: “economy, stature, patriotism, issue insanity, and progress on health issues.” Speaker Gingrich starts with the booming economy.

Gingrich notes that the “lowest African American and Latino unemployment rates recorded in history are beginning to create approval for Trump in those communities that no Republican in modern times has been able to do. The rise in manufacturing jobs and salaries are becoming advantages for President Trump. Meanwhile, the Democrats are campaigning on the economy as though they were in another country. Faced with continuous job and wage growth, it is hard to make a compelling case against the Trump economy.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ presidential candidates campaign like we’re living in a country titled Soupline America. They don’t believe their own words. It’s just that they know that admitting that things are going pretty well pretty much dooms their campaigns while the leaders of the Resist Movement simmer as the Trump administration wins another fight. Gingrich notes that President Trump’s economy is the underpinning for everything else.

Issue insanity is beginning to erode the Democrats.

In 1972, McGovern was an outlier. He clearly represented the radical wing of the Democratic Party. It was relatively easy for most Democrats to say, “I am not him.” At the same time, President Nixon, scarred by losing in 1960 and 1962 and having won a very narrow election in 1968, kept Republican resources focused on his re-election and failed to help congressional Republicans. The result was the largest presidential popular vote percentage in modern history (60.7 percent) for the Republican president, while Republicans lost two Senate seats and only gained 12 house seats.

Today is dramatically worse for Democrats than in 1972. Instead of having one likable but wacky left-wing radical, every single candidate in the second debate raised his or her hand for positions that are simply unacceptable to most Americans. If McGovern could be separated out as “the radical” almost 50 years ago, look where we are today. Every plausible nominee has radical positions – and the House and Senate Democrats are voting for radical positions on issue after issue. Furthermore, President Trump has learned the cost of a left-wing Democratic Speaker and will be spending resources to help Kevin McCarthy of California become speaker.

AOC is everything except an official part of the Trump campaign. While she talks about concentration camps, Americans roll their eyes in disbelief. It isn’t that they think that everything is fine at these detention centers. It’s that they don’t believe Democrats’ claims of forcing women to drink from a toilet.

Further, the American people are looking at that situation while wondering why Democrats haven’t worked with President Trump to fix a truly broken immigration system. If there is divided government, the people expect the different parties to work together and fix things. While President Trump offers reasonable proposals, AOC proposes to get rid of ICE, then the Department of Homeland Security and Rashida Tlaib accuses CBP of major human rights violations.

I’ve said for several months that the biggest thing that Republicans have going for them is the Democrats’ nuttiness. It isn’t just that Democrats are wrong on the issues. It’s that they’re crazier than a shithouse rat. We know that Democrats are nuts when AOC accuses Nancy Pelosi of being a racist, then denies that she called the Democrat leader a racist several hours later.

Meanwhile, Democrats criticize the Trump administration for enforcing the laws:

Democrats have become the party that doesn’t believe in enforcing existing laws. To hear AOC talk about it, you’d swear that the people of law enforcement are Nazis. That’s pretty nuts. That’s why Democrats, if they don’t grow a spine and stand up to AOC’s Squad, will get their butts handed to them in November, 2020.

Yesterday, I wrote this post that highlighted how progressive hacks have gotten pretty much everything wrong in predicting the trajectory of the US economy. Andy Puzder’s op-ed does a fantastic job highlighting what’s actually happening with the economy.

Puzder wrote “This is no ‘sugar high’ for the U.S. economy. To the great shock and disappointment of liberals who have been desperately hoping for an economic downturn, the U.S. economy once again blew away expectations, recording a 3.2 percent GDP growth rate in the first quarter of this year. Even MSNBC described the quarterly growth as ‘extraordinary.'”

Here’s what’s really happening:

Liberals have been predicting an impending recession for months. Frustrated with the obvious success of President Trump’s sweeping middle-class tax cuts, which they had claimed would result in ‘Armageddon’, Democrats next argued that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) would only produce a ‘sugar high’ for the economy. With each successive quarter that their predictions have failed to materialize, they’ve only become more frustrated with the economy’s long-term prospects.

After Ms. Pelosi started talk about Armageddon, she quickly shifted to talking about the crumbs workers were getting:

It’s obvious that Democrats are deploying a multitude of lies to tell the American people that Trump’s policies are a failure. Admitting that President Trump’s policies are working simply won’t do. Admitting that they’re working would upset the Resistance. Pelosi and the Democrats are being held hostage by the Resistance movement. The Resistance Democrats don’t put America first. They put acquiring political power first.

In the end, Democrats will get hurt because they can’t admit the truth. That’ll hurt the Democrats’ credibility in an election cycle where voters are craving authenticity. Think back to how Fauxahontas got crucified for her grabbing a beer. The other thing that’ll hurt Democrats is the economy. It’s going strong, despite Krugman’s and Summers’ predictions. It isn’t going to slow down significantly before Election Day.

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign theme essentially calls them back to the supposedly good old days of the Obama administration. I can’t wait to watch President Trump and the RNC hit him with ads highlighting stagnant wage growth and stagnant economic growth during the Obama-Biden administration vs. the strong wage and GDP growth during President Trump’s administration.

According to this article, 4 of Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s aides have resigned:

Four aides to Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax have resigned from their jobs, leaving Fairfax with a badly depleted staff as he tries to fight two allegations of sexual assault and resist pressure to resign.

Two of Fairfax’s three government staffers and two employees of his political action committee left their posts after a second sexual assault allegation emerged Friday.

Let’s be clear. Unlike Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats, I believe in due process. Though I think Fairfax is guilty, that isn’t good enough to ruin a man’s life over. Proof is required.

Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson — the two women who have accused Fairfax — have both said they’re willing to testify before the General Assembly. Tyson has accused Fairfax of assaulting her in a Boston hotel room in 2004. Watson, who came forward Friday, has alleged Fairfax raped her in 2000 at Duke University. Fairfax has said both encounters were consensual and has refused to step down in the face of what he has called a “vicious and coordinated smear campaign.”

It’s times like this when the laws must be followed. Still, this must trouble Fairfax:

Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson, the two women who have accused Fairfax, have both said they’re willing to testify before the General Assembly.

That isn’t what people with something to hid do.

Regular readers of LFR undoubtedly have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because I’ve been diagnosed with an arthritic hip, which will be getting replaced in the next couple months. The hip gets so painful that I can’t sit in my computer chair very long.

Please keep me in your prayers.

When Jim Comey testified behind closed doors, Mr. Comey frequently testified that he didn’t know the answer to the question he was asked or FBI counsel testified that he wasn’t allowed to testify per FBI rules. One such instance got fairly heated. Here it is:

Mr. Gowdy: I think the whole world has read the memo and — or most of the world. My question is whether or not Director Comey — I think he’s already answered he had no conversations with Rod Rosenstein. My question is, whether or not — and he’s entitled to his opinion — whether or not he believes that that framed a sufficient factual basis for his termination as the FBI Director.
Ms. Bessee: He is entitled to his opinion, but to the extent — because he also stated that he is also a witness in the investigation.
Mr. Gowdy: Which investigation is he a witness in?
Ms. Bessee: To the special counsel. He said he is a potential witness.
Mr. Gowdy: Well, you just said witness. Is there an obstruction of justice investigation?
Ms. Bessee: I believe there is an investigation that the special counsel is looking into.
Mr. Gowdy: Well, we all know that. Is it an obstruction of justice investigation?
Ms. Bessee: Mr. Chairman, can you rephrase the question, please?
Mr. Gowdy: Yes. Director Comey, you’re familiar with the memo drafted by Rod Rosenstein. You have not talked to Rod Rosenstein, as I understand your testimony. Do you believe the memo, just on the cold four pages of the memo, four corners of that document, do you believe it provides sufficient basis for your termination? Even if you would have done it differently, is it a basis for your termination?
Mr. Comey: I can’t answer that, Mr. Chairman, because it requires me to get into the mind of the decisionmaker, who is the President, and I’m not in a position to do that.
Mr. Gowdy: Do you have any evidence the memo was subterfuge to fire you, but not for the — but for a different reason?
Mr. Comey: I have no evidence at all about how the memo came to be created. I know that it was part of the documentation that was attached, what was sent to me, delivered to the FBI on the day I was fired. That’s the only thing I have personal knowledge of.

That’s just one of the heated exchanges between Chairman Gowdy, Director Comey and Ms. Bessee. Here’s the entire transcript:

What I found fascinating about this video is Chairman Gowdy’s statistics:

According to Chairman Gowdy, Comey replied “I don’t remember” 71 times, “I don’t know” 166 times and “I don’t recall” 8 times. That’s a pretty pathetic performance for a man leading the premier law enforcement agency in the world. These weren’t insignificant questions about things that happened long ago. They were central questions about major recent investigations that he supposedly headed.

It’s rather disgusting to hear Mr. Comey talk about transparency after hiding behind the FBI’s attorney. It’s clear that the FBI’s attorney’s mission was singular: protect Mueller. The FBI’s attorney didn’t care a whit about informing the public or the committees. She primarily cared about hiding important facts.

Who would’ve guessed that President Obama is responsible for the recent US energy boom? I didn’t know that but it must be true since he’s declaring himself the champion of building the industry.

What a dirtbag! Doesn’t President Obama know that there’s this thing called Youtube that either verifies or rejects the truthfulness of people’s statements? Watch the statements in the above video, then compare the president’s statements in this video:

In the 2nd video, President Obama said that “For decades, we have known that the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were numbered. For decades, we have talked and talked about the need to end America’s century-long addiction to fossil fuels.”

Let’s be emphatic about this. It’s impossible to advocate for “the need to end America’s century-long addiction to fossil fuels” while also insisting that you’re the man who pioneered the current energy boom. The 2 statements don’t fit together.

When President Obama’s economic policies failed, he blamed the economy on President Bush. When President Trump implemented the policies that turned around the stagnant economy he inherited from President Obama, President Obama insists that he created the oil boom.

PARTING QUESTION: If President Obama created the energy boom, why did millions of rural energy voters turn against the Democrats and vote for President Trump?
BONUS QUESTION: If President Obama is so proud of his role in turning the US into a net exporter of fossil fuels, why didn’t he approve the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Frankly, it’s disgusting that President Obama is this dishonest.

A rose, some lipstick and bullies

More ramblings….

Shakespeare told us that a rose remains a rose even if the name is changed. In the 2010 presidential election, we learned that putting lipstick on a pig is not enough to change its identity.

I am confused, disappointed and even disturbed by media today that seem to paint bullying as a new phenomenon that occurs in schools due to guns. And that the persons that have shot school-age children suffer from mental issues caused by bullying.

It’s not that simple.

And bullying is as old as time.

Bullying, by whatever name, is not related to gun ownership. It is spawned by sin and has been exacerbated by an increasing immoral society. I am confident that the majority reading this article have been picked on, insulted and bullied as a child AND as an adult. It occurs at home, at school, in the workplace—wherever the bully is. Just because it has happened to so many does NOT make it right. Nor did it begin in the 1990’s when researchers in this country became interested in the topic due to the school shootings.

Bullying is about control by one or more over others perceived to be weaker, less desirable and not just for race, religion, poverty, physical characteristics or more recently, announced sexual preferences. It’s about power and control—to feed the bully’s ego and warped self-worth.

Victims of the undeserved bullying have always suffered from lowered self-esteem, poor academic and/or work performance, illness, disturbed sleep, isolation and loneliness, etc. They have been targeted by ones with whom they should have had a positive relationship—family, friends and classmates, teachers and administrators, co-workers and supervisors. Instead they were attacked, often without warning. It just happened; it hurt; it was wrong.

Studies say that observers should intervene. Probably, but why would they if they could become the next targets? The studies suggest that the young people should tell teachers. Probably, but it does no good if the bullies come from the families of social status in the community, from friends of the teachers, from the athletic teams of the school. They belong! The victims learn again that they do not count, and the pain is intensified.

Many speculate on the causes of bullying—guns, violent movies, video games, drugs, race, religion, etc.

Let me add to the discussion. In the 1960’s, God was removed from schools and society. Now progressives want Him removed from our history and governing documents. With the Hippies, drugs became more accessible and accepted. Now society is legalizing them. Currently the abuse of prescription drugs is epidemic. At the same time, family life was devalued and destroyed; co-habitation and no marriage covenant, no-fault divorce and no stigma, fatherless families and lack of role models. Some even advocate turning infants over to the State to be reared since families are incapable of providing for them.

Bullying causes physical and emotional consequences that destroy human dignity, freedom and security. Previously, a stronger family re-affirmed the victims’ identity, even if the victim chose not to share the humility with the family unit but did find strength at home. Now that resource is not available to many.

Cyberbullying is another layer of bullying. I thank Melanie Trump’s efforts to tackle this problem as her project as First Lady.

I congratulate all who have had the family support to survive and thrive. Bullies want to hurt, harm and humiliate to feed their egos. They won’t stop. But we can help the targeted victims.

Our task is to love our family members and let them know that they are valued and loved. Hug your child; take time for your child—no matter their age.

A survivor.

I can’t wait for 2016 to end. Please understand that parts of 2016 were exceptionally enjoyable. Think Trump defeating Hillary, Republicans flipping the Minnesota Senate and, most importantly, the Cubs defeating the Cleveland Indians (Sorry Hugh.) in winning their first World Series championship since 1908.

What hasn’t been that enjoyable has been my health.

At 2:30 am on Aug. 1, I woke up with chest pain. A friend gave me a ride to the hospital, where I checked into the ER. After running a couple tests, I was admitted into the hospital. I was told by the cardiologist that treated me that I’d dodged a major bullet. The cardiologist said that I had a 90% blockage of the left anterior descending artery. The path chosen was to place a new stent in the LAD through angioplasty. In the 9 days that I was in the hospital, I lost 23 lbs.

On Friday, Sept. 30, I was rushed by ambulance to the ER with an acute shortness of breath. I was able to tell theme that I wasn’t feeling any chest pains. After running an EKG, they were able to confirm that I wasn’t suffering a heart attack. After running another test, I was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in my right lung and multiple blood clots in my left lung. The good news is that I’m recovering nicely. I’ll probably have to take warfarin the rest of my life but that’s ok.

I wish that would’ve ended my health issues but it didn’t. This past Saturday, Christmas Eve morning, at 8:05 am, I slipped on a patch of glare ice on the top of my back porch. I landed on the sidewalk 3 rungs lower, a drop (for my back) of 60″. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that I was instantly in pain.

I’m finally out of the hospital but now there are things I need going forward. First, I need a railing for my steps to give me something solid to stabilize myself when navigating my steps (both going up and down.) After Saturday’s fall, I realize I need a rain gutter to keep melting snow from the roof from icing up my steps. I don’t need a full gutter system, just something to keep the melting snow off my steps. There are some things I need inside the house, too, starting with an ergonomic chair for my computer.

A few weeks ago, I posted a bleg on a political subject. Today, I’m posting an ’emergency bleg’ to help defray the costs of the changes I’ll need to make going forward. No contribution is too small. All contributions are sincerely appreciated. If you want to contribute to these causes via credit card, hit the donate button in the top corner of the right sidebar. If you don’t trust that method, just leave a comment to this post. I’ll send you an email explaining how to contribute through more conventional methods.

Here’s hoping you had a Merry Christmas. Here’s wish you a Happy New Year.

PS- Despite being in the hospital for Christmas, God still figured out a way to bless me. Color me grateful and humbled for that.