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In many ways, Chris Christie and Scott Walker are cut from the same cloth. They’re both outspoken. They’re both willing to take on powerful public employee unions to save their states. They’re both willing to push back when those unions employ their predictable intimidating tactics.
Based on this article, it’s possible they have other things in common, too:

“You see what I’ve been able to do is give Scott and the people of Wisconsin a little preview of what good conservative governance can do for states,” Christie told several hundred people who packed a landscaping equipment maintenance shop near Milwaukee. “New Jersey is giving a preview for Wisconsin as to good things than can happen when you stand up for the people of your state and stand against the special interests who have owned these state capitals for much too long.”

The rally came in the middle of Christie’s day-long swing through the Badger State to whip up support for Walker. He also spoke at a fundraiser luncheon in Green Bay and another in the Milwaukee area before heading home. The bank of cameras trained on the Republican governors was not just because of Walker’s fight.

Gov. Walker and Gov. Christie haven’t gotten intimidated by the PEU’s bullying tactics. The opposite is actually true. They’ve stuck to their campaign promises, much to the satisfaction of their supporters.

As a result of their steadfast resoluteness, they’re becoming inspirational figures in their own right. Each are mentioned as potential presidential candidates in the not-so-distant future. Thanks to their charisma, they’re attracting loyal foot soldiers to their GOTV operations.

That, in my estimation, will put Gov. Walker over the top in this recall election. The $13,000,000 he’s raised thus far won’t hurt either.

This race is anything but over. Still, Gov. Walker’s advantages keep piling up. At some point in the not-so-distant future, those advantages will help this race reach a tipping point.

Tom Barrett, Kathleen Falk and the PEUs better hope that tipping point isn’t reached before the Democratic primary.

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