From time to time, conservatives need to police their ranks. Such was the case when I joined forces with Andy Aplikowski and Michael Brodkorb in denouncing disgraced Rep. Mark Olson. It was important because Mr. Olson’s reputation was so toxic that it threatened genuinely highly qualified conservative candidates chances of winning elections.

Such a time is upon us again.

In HD-8B, a GOP primary will be held between Rudy Takala and Roger Crawford because the endorsing convention was adjourned at 2:00 am without endorsing either candidate. Now Takala is pushing for a new endorsing convention even though its verdict would be meaningless since Takala’s and Crawford’s names will be on the August 10th primary ballot.

Though I can’t say that Mr. Takala has a criminal record like Olson, I can say that he’s said some rather incendiary things that indicate he’s well outside mainstream conservatism. Like this, for example:

When I write about liberal Democrats, it’s usually safe to assume I’m not referring to all of them. Generally, the proletariat class of the Democratic Party genuinely believes in socialism and harbors no malicious intent. What I am referring to, rather, is the elitist class that powers the Democrats’ movement in America.

To gain the respect of modern “progressive intellectuals,” it seems one must be a terrorist and an enemy to America.

Where did that come from? While I agree that there are parts of the Democratic Party that think socialism is a superior economic model than capitalism, I don’t know that being “a terrorist or an enemy of America” is what’s required to “gain the respect of modern ‘progressive intellectuals'” Simply criticizing the Bush administration seems to be the only requirement for gaining the “progressive intellectuals'” respect.

What’s troubling, too, is that Mr. Takala says that he isn’t trying to paint liberals with a broad brush in one paragraph before painting liberals with a broad brush in a subsequent paragraph:

They love dictators–particularly Muslim and communist dictators–while hating America, individualism, capitalism, and anyone who seeks to preserve these American conceptions of freedom. Those at the top of the modern liberal hierarchy look essentially more like a group of foreign nationals than representatives of America.

Talk about painting with a broad brush. Mr. Takala’s habit of using inflammatory rhetoric is troubling because I’m confident that the DFL won’t hesitate a split second in painting other GOP candidates as merchants of such irresponsible, inflammatory rhetoric.

Republicans should do everything possible to distance themselves from young Mr. Takala’s irresponsible rhetoric. We’ve got a great many highly qualified candidates that might well help us retake the House. They can’t do that if Mr. Takala’s inflammatory rhetoric is tied to them in the public’s eye.

Hopefully, in the future, Mr. Takala will learn how to eliminate the rhetoric and focus on specific things that the average voter will be persuaded by. Obviously, that time hasn’t come yet.

Until Mr. Takala matures, it’s best to not help him gain a platform within the Republican Party.

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3 Responses to “Policing the Ranks”

  • Brent says:

    Wow, I never would have expected you to denouce Takala. It seems like he’s just the kind of candidate the tea party movement attracts.

    Speaking of quotes though, how about this one for another example of GOP candidates pushing the rhetoric.

    “I don’t think you can call yourself a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat.”

    It’s too bad you didn’t take this position until *after* he got a platform within the Republican Party.

  • LilOlLady says:

    I think you can say Takala has a criminal record. He has failed to show up in court twice in the last three years for traffic citations, resulting in a suspended drivers license. Birds of a feather – two of his supporters were arrested a couple months ago in separate incidents:

    and this arrest of a Takala “honorary steering committee” mamber:

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