That’s essentially the conclusion Ben Stein reached in this article in the American Prowler, a must read if ever there was one. I’d add that it’s a world with too many fools.

Here’s why Mr. Stein knows we’re in trouble:

  • Because the Hezbollah, as has been well reported, launches missiles at purely civilian targets in Israel as a matter of course, and no one in Europe or in the American left says “boo” about it. It’s considered the Hezbollah’s “right” to kill Israelis and when they do, they boast about it and promise to do more;
  • Because it’s been also well documented that the Hezbollah hides behind civilian targets and adjacent to civilian dwellings in Lebanon to fire its rockets at Israel, and when Israel fires back and mistakenly hits a home with civilians, the world of “intellectuals” and “thinkers” blames Israel and calls Israel bloodthirsty;
  • Because when the Israelis kill civilians, they apologize, but when the terrorists kill civilians, they brag, and the beautiful people scream at Eretz Israel and excuse the terrorists;
  • Because if you substitute “America” for “Israel” and the “terrorists in Iraq” for the Hezbollah, you get what’s happening in Iraq;
  • Because it is impossible to beat a terrorist movement without using terror tactics, and we as a people of compassion and restraint, both in Israel and the U.S., will not use terror tactics even when survival is at stake, and this means we will not survive.

Just earlier, I talked about how the Democrats signed a letter to the president that essentially, if not officially, categorized them as A Party Committed to Losing. Stein’s article essentially just adds insult to injury on the subject.

It’s insulting that they haven’t said boo about Hezbollah’s using U.N. buildings as shields for their attacks. It’s insulting that Democrats don’t decry the targetting of innocent Israelis. It’s insulting that Democrats only criticism in all this is against our President for missing an opportunity.

Mark my words on this: This will contribute heavily to Democrats’ electoral demise this November. The Right Blogosphere will remind people again and again of Democrats’ faint-heartedness on terrorism. People don’t like how the war on terror is going but people won’t vote, in numbers large enough anyway, for a party whose official stance is to not fight.

It is very much as if, after Pearl Harbor, after the bombing of London, we said, “We will fight the Japanese and the Nazis, but we will only use humane means, and we will show total restraint and will never kill civilians. And we will search our souls and agonize about every move.”

Democrats were quick to decry President Bush’s ‘unilaterally’ taking us to war. Funny but they don’t mind unilaterally surrendering in the fight against Islamic terrorists whose goal is to kill innocents of any nation that stands in their way. If that’s the America you want to live in, vote Democrat or stay home in a protest vote against Republicans.

With their silence against Hezbollah, Democrats have caused FDR, JFK and Truman to start turning over in their graves.

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