That’s Andy McCarthy’s opinion of the Seattle murder rampage yesterday. Here’s part of Andy’s post:

A Muslim man walks into not just any building in Seattle, not even just any identifiably Jewish location in Seattle, but into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, whose mission since 1926, according to the website it maintains, is to “ensure Jewish survival and to enhance the quality of Jewish life locally, in Israel and worldwide.”
The Muslim man has obviously not only carefully chosen the target but cased the place. There’s a security system, so he waits until someone attached to the Federation enters using her access code, then he pounces, forcing his way through the open door. He brandishes a large caliber, semi-automatic handgun. He announces that he’s a Muslim angry at Israel. Then he randomly, wantonly opens fire, shooting six women, one of whom is pregnant, one of whom is killed.
So what happens? The police don’t even want to admit that he’s Muslim (“You could infer that,” the police chief tells the reporters who press this patently relevant question). And the FBI insists it’s not terrorism.
Now, it could not conceivably be more clear that it is terrorism. If the FBI is saying they can’t link him to any known terrorist group, that doesn’t mean it’s not terrorism. It’s too early in the investigation to have run down whether the guy has ties to known groups; even if he doesn’t, not all terrorism is committed by known groups (sometimes the acts of terror are how we get to know them); and even if he is acting alone, federal law recognizes the concept of lone-wolf terrorism. It is terrorism because it is a sneak attack, in this case against civilians, which is motivated by a purpose to affect government policy and/or further a political/social/religious cause. The shooter was not there to rob the register or kill someone he knew over some private dispute.

It sounds like he simply hated Jews and that he acted on that hate, which sounds like terrorism to me. Mr. McCarthy is right on the money in highlighting this fundamentalist mindset to everyone. Strip away all the peripheral issues (According to Hugh, the Agenda Media has picked up on his “history of mental” issues.) and it’s still obvious that we’re dealing with a terroristic mindset.

Just because they haven’t identified a group that he’s with doesn’t mean that he isn’t associated with a terrorist group.

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