I don’t think Norm Ornstein would object if I called him a Washington insider. He’s one of the rare Washington insiders who pays attention to what’s happening across America. His latest article for Roll Call is a nice piece of writing. Still, his opening paragraph misses an important point:

One of the main reasons why the Democratic Party lost control of the House in 1994 was that House Democrats responded too late to growing public dissatisfaction with their actions. The 111th Congress, though very active in its passage of legislation, needs to pay attention to the current rise in populist sentiment in the electorate. In order to effectively curb these feelings, Congress should implement reforms to increase transparency in government.

It isn’t that I think that Washington isn’t in need of reforming. Considering the fact that John Murtha, Jim Moran and Pete Visclosky still roam that end of Pennsylvania Ave., it’s clearly in need of a massive chlorine bath.

It’s that that’s hardly the thing motivating people here in the Heartland. What’s motivating heartland voters is the sense that Washington-bound Democrats love spending irrational amounts of money on really silly things:

  • $650 million for digital TV coupons.
  • $6 billion for colleges/universities, many which have billion dollar endowments.
  • $166 billion in direct aid to states, many of which have failed to budget wisely.
  • $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts.
  • $44 million for repairs to U.S. Department of Agriculture headquarters.
  • $200 million for the National Mall, including grass planting.
  • $400 million for “National Treasures.”

Another thing people are getting upset about is that the UAW is getting treated with kid gloves while secured bondholders for GM and Chrysler are being threatened with political retribution by President Obama. People see this as President Obama going the extra mile for his union allies.

People are outraged that President Obama is now trying to portray himself as a fiscal hawk after he’s spent $787,000,000,000 on ARRA and another $410,000,000,000 on the omnibus bill to fund the government for the rest of FY2009. They’ll be totally incensed to find out that PayGo has enough exemptions in it to pay for ObamaCare without finding offsets to pay for that monstrosity.

If the Obama admministration doesn’t stop spending like a madman and if they don’t stop bailout out their political allies, Democrats will suffer mightily in 2010. That isn’t just my opinion, either. It’s what Eric Cantor predicted:

“I really believe we’ve got a shot at taking back this House because you see what’s gone on here with the unfettered ability of this administration and Nancy Pelosi to run this Congress,” Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., the No. 2 Republican in the House, told ABC News in an exclusive interview. “The American people see that this agenda is way far out of the mainstream. They want a check and a balance on this power. And I think at the end of the day that’s what rules come November 2010.”

I’m not making predictions at this point. I’m just seeing alot of anti-liberal anger out here. That anti-tax-and-spend angst was confirmed when Californians rejected tax increases by 2:1 margins. If the Democrats keep behaving like they’re currently behaving, alot of them will soon be looking for work in another occupation.

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