It isn’t surprising to anyone who pays attention to politics that the teachers unions are sabotaging children and schools. Being surprised by that is like being surprised at finding out that Jeff Bezos is rich.

This time it was in the wealthy, New York City-adjacent suburb of Montclair, New Jersey, where Superintendent Jonathan Ponds announced late Friday “with deep regret” that the schools, closed for the past 319 days, wouldn’t even be reopening on a hybrid basis (half-in, half-remote), because negotiations with the Montclair Education Association (MEA) broke down. “I realize how unsettling this news is,” Ponds added.

The union seeks Plexiglass barriers, millions of dollars in ventilation upgrades, and for teachers to be vaccinated (New Jersey, unlike New York, does not as yet prioritize teachers for vaccines). MEA President Petal Robertson said in a statement, “It is our duty to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our staff and a sound educational plan for our students.”

This issue might’ve reached a tipping point at the Loudoun County School Board meeting. Here’s what happened:

I don’t know this gentleman’s name but he’s clearly speaking for a significant number of people. With unions playing hardball and the Biden administration taking the unions’ side, this issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

UPDATE: The upset father’s name is Brandon Michon. Thursday night, Tucker Carlson interviewed him. Enjoy:

Mr. Michon perhaps doesn’t realize it but he’s a leader. During the interview Mr. Michon said something profound when he said “This country was built on strong leaders.” That’s right. Joe Biden isn’t a leader. He’s a panderer and a tough-sounding wimp. Tim Walz isn’t a leader, either.

I hope Mr. Michon and a bunch of those parents step forward and run for the school board. Next, I hope they win and throw the do-nothing bums out. The do-nothing bums deserve worse than that but at least this is legal. LOL

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