Angie Craig appeared on TPT Almanac Friday night. During the second segment of the show, co-anchor Eric Eskola used a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., in a 1967 speech at Stanford. In that speech, Rev. King said “But in the final analysis, riots are the language of the unheard. What has America not heard?” To put Eskola’s question in context, he said “Rev. King said riots are the voice of the unheard. We’ve had riots across the political and social spectrum this past year. How do we get a truce here? How do we calm things down?”

Rep. Craig is supposedly a moderate Democrat but her reply was anything but moderate. She replied “Well, I don’t know how you get a truce with violent criminals who are invading the nation’s Capitol. I think what we have to do is understand that it is upon every single elected official in this nation to tell the truth and so I think we start with the truth, Eric, and we go from there. But until we really understand and start telling the truth again as elected officials, I think you’re going to have a segment of President Trump’s base who is — they’re just out of control at the moment.”

What does “President Trump’s base” have to do with this summer’s riots in Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis and Chicago? Remember that Mr. Eskola’s question was about “riots across the political and social spectrum this past year. How do we get a truce here? How do we calm things down?” Here’s the video of the entire segment:

Rep. Craig was asked about this summer’s riots. Instead, she deflected with typical DFL talking points about the Jan. 6 riots. Notice that she didn’t highlight far-left activist John Sullivan’s arrest in Utah in connection with inciting the Capitol Hill Riots. In the video, which I can’t find anywhere, Sullivan cleary disrupts or obstructs Capitol Police from protecting lawmakers. Here’s Page 1 of his arresting affidavit:

Angie Craig has twice voted to impeach President Trump. In both instances, Rep. Craig voted to impeach the president without hearing from a single eyewitness with firsthand information of the incident. In both instances, Rep. Craig voted for impeachment without an impeachable offense having been committed. Craig isn’t as wild-eyed as AOC or Ilhan Omar but she’s still pretty far left. Voting twice for impeachment without eyewitness testimony or without the president committing an impeachable offense is the definition of radical.

3 Responses to “Proof Angie Craig isn’t a moderate”

  • eric z says:

    It would be good if Craig were primaried by a progressive who’d win. Craig is beholden to her corporate background and should move off the centerline of the road toward progress so that she’d not need to be primaried.

    And why did Craig have to vote twice to impeach?

    BECAUSE – Too many Senators lacked the courage and sound judgment to do what was best for the nation the first time; that is why.

    Craig’s biggest failure? She did not outdraw Jason Lewis the first time. People in the district made a mistake the first time. But they learned.

  • Gary Gross says:

    First, President Trump never committed an impeachable offense. Second, no witness with firsthand knowledge of the impeachable offense was brought forward in either case.

    What was the high crime that President Trump supposedly committed a year ago?

  • John Palmer says:

    Gary, when you have your mind made up you do not want to be confused by the facts. Testimony might provide some inconvenient facts and that might reveal your bias. Angie Craig dodged Eric’s question because that’s what hack politicians do.

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