In her statement about Wednesday’s riots on Capitol Hill, Minnesota’s Democrat Sen. Tina Smith said “Today’s attacks on the U.S. Capitol and federal buildings strike at the core principle of our democracy, that the people decide who represents them. The seditionists were incited by the most destructive and anti-democratic President in our history. For too long, some political leaders, especially the President, have used their power and position to fuel distrust in our elections with no evidence and no purpose other than to advance their own personal political power. It’s despicable and runs counter to our oath of office, to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

In addition to lying to Minnesotans, Sen. Smith ignores the behavior of President Barack Obama, Speaker Pelosi and then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. First, Sen. Smith told the Democrats’ lie that there was no evidence of election fraud. That’s an outright lie. The courts didn’t deal with the merits of Georgia’s consent decree or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s rewriting election law. Election laws that aren’t written by state legislatures aren’t valid. Democrats utilized such ‘laws’ to vote. Those votes shouldn’t count.

Next, when Sen. Smith said that President Trump was the most “anti-democratic President in our history”, she didn’t admit that President Obama got most of his things done with his infamous pen and phone. DACA, DAPA and virtually killing the energy industry were done via executive order or regulations put in place after the 2016 election.

Sen. Smith hasn’t admitted that President Obama’s stimulus bill essentially passed on a party line vote or any good-faith negotiating. That’s when President Obama told Eric Cantor that “We won” before shoving the bill through with Pelosi’s and Reid’s help. Obama, Pelosi and Reid weren’t interested in negotiating, just like AOC isn’t interested in negotiating now.

The Democrat Socialists’ intransigence is creating GOP frustration. When that frustration boils over, there will be hell to pay. I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat then. The Democrats’ agenda isn’t popular outside their cult. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and AOC don’t care about negotiating. AOC said so. Today’s Democrats are perfectly comfortable forcing things down people’s throats. Think back to Pelosi’s most famous statement:

Tina Smith is like Obama, Pelosi, Reid and AOC in that she’s willing to overlook the Democrats’ strong-arm tactics. Smith puts ideology above people, too.

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  • eric z says:

    Who controlled whether there would have been extensive Senate hearings on the Thanksgiving too long and too short a time to read and vote bill; or the Christmas too long and too short a time to read and vote bill? Yes, the same BS was done in the House by Pelosi and crew; budgeting in secrecy being a fault of both parties; and undemocratic when collusion; called “bipartisanship” happens that way. Secret governing is bad, no two ways about it. However, reforming only one of the parties is looking at only half of a big-time problem in the way DC operates and why those folks struggle to try to reach a 20% approval among the people. That is one hell of a bad and ongoing situation. Poseurs and statesmen differ. The former being more prone to be run by money; but slush money feeds not only the problem in both houses, but the revolving door of DC operatives, hand out for a handout before consideration of “best for the nation.”

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