After reading this article and this article, it’s clear that Minnesota doesn’t have a justice system. It has a system that coddles criminals and sues law-abiding citizens.

The first story is about Farhan Musse Ibrahim, who “was charged in 2019 with four counts of second-degree attempted murder and other charges in two separate cases stemming from incidents in February of that year.” According to the article, Ibrahim, “who police say is a member of the Somali Outlaws gang”, “recently received a plea bargain and concurrent sentencing that will leave him free in under three-and-a-half years.”

That isn’t justice. That’s injustice. Getting out in 3 years getting charged with 4 counts of second-degree attempted murder is the personification of injustice.

Meanwhile, the second article focuses on Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. According to the article, “Ellison’s office yesterday filed lawsuits against two restaurants that have been open for dine-in despite the governor’s executive orders. Cornerstone Café in Monticello and Cork in Anoka are Ellison’s latest projects.”

Gov. Walz’s EO is utterly too restrictive. It isn’t supported by science whatsoever. Attorney Gen. Ellison’s lawsuit is about intimidating hard-working citizens so they don’t step out of line in the future. These restaurants have installed mitigation devices to keep people safe. Apparently, in the Walz-Ellison police state, that isn’t enough. Walz and Ellison apparently hate businesses because they’re suing them each week.

The DFL’s priorities aren’t Minnesota’s priorities.

4 Responses to “Under the DFL, Minnesota doesn’t have a justice system”

  • eric z says:


    Can you imagine the mess Doug Wardlow would have inflicted on all the regular people, evangelicals excepted?

    Ellison won despite the mud slinging Parker and Wardlow indulged in, and it is because Ellison is trusted and Wardlow was correctly seen as a clear and present danger.

  • Chad Q says:

    Your comments are always good for a laugh. In what world are you living in where Ellison is considered “trusted”.

  • Gary Gross says:

    If you trust Keith Ellison (or Jeremiah Ellison, for that matter), then you’re mentally incompetent & shouldn’t be allowed to vote. When he was a ‘civil rights’ attorney, Keith Ellison praised Joanne Chesimard, aka Akata Shakur. Shakur shot & killed a highway patrolman in New Jersey, got convicted of the crime, then escaped to Cuba.

    Jeremiah Ellison voted to dismantle the Minneapolis PD. Since that vote, carjackings have increased by 537%, murders have increased by 75%.

    Why would I trust these idiots?

    PS- Doug Wardlow wants to uphold the Constitution. That represents “a clear & present danger”?

  • John Palmer says:

    Eric perhaps my imagination and memory are flawed but what mud was slung at Keith Ellison and what actions that Doug Wardlow said he would take rise to the level of creating a clear and present danger? AG Ellison now has a record that clearly demonstrates he is a clear and present danger to business owners trying to make a living and provide employment to others trying to make a living.

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