Saying that Big Tech, Hunter Biden and the MSM aren’t filled with integrity is understatement. Unfortunately, that’s only a partial list. The list of people and organizations that displayed a deep absence of integrity this election season is lengthy.

Nancy Pelosi let tens of thousands of businesses go bankrupt to help Joe Biden win the presidential election. May God have mercy on her. I won’t. Letting people lose their life savings so a corrupt politician can win an election is the opposite of integrity. According to, the opposite of integrity is corruption.

There’s no disputing that the MSM is corrupt. They’re almost as corrupt as Big Tech:

The nation’s largest social media companies went further: They made the shocking decision to actively censor the New York Post’s eye-opening scoop revealing evidence of Joe Biden’s son’s influence peddling that was recovered from an abandoned laptop. Twitter locked the newspaper out of its own account for weeks. Facebook prevented the Post’s story from being widely distributed, even though neither Joe Biden nor his campaign disputed the authenticity of the documents published by the paper.

Whether you thought that there was voter fraud or not, there’s no disputing that this election was rigged. Let’s return to the case against the MSM, though. Check this out:

One of the FBI documents from the laptop published by the Post “included a case number that had the code associated with an ongoing federal money laundering investigation in Delaware, according to several law enforcement officials who reviewed the document. Another document, one with a grand jury subpoena number, appeared to show the initials of two assistant U.S. attorneys linked to the Wilmington, Delaware, office.” Hunter Biden claims he only learned of the investigation this past week, but these documents suggest otherwise.

That doesn’t sound like Russian disinformation. See also here and here. That sounds like they were each singing from the same DNC/Biden campaign hymnal. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

First HuffPo, then CNN:

Corporate media needs to be dismantled. They wield far too much influence. This year, corporate media and Big Tech defeated the best president of my lifetime. Joe Biden didn’t have to campaign. Hunter Biden’s multiple scandals weren’t enough to sink him.

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