Tim Walz has killed another business. This time, Gov. Walz killed Wayzata Brew Works on Lake Minnetonka with another lockdown order.

In a statement, Wayzata Brew Works said “Wayzata Brew Works opened in April 2015, [and] almost instantly became well known for the view of Lake Minnetonka, live music, exceptional craft beer and great pizzas. After enduring the spring shutdown, imposed by the governor, and then managing through the governor’s mandated reduction of capacity during our most profitable part of the year on Lake Minnetonka, we are now faced with a second shutdown imposed by Gov. Walz, a shutdown that doesn’t involve any sustainable relief from the governor in order to help alleviate the economic calamity brought to our industry as a result of his decision.”

Apparently, Gov. Walz wants to become known as the job-killing governor. His one-size-fits-all approach to policy-making has led Minnesota’s businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Minnesota’s hospitality industry is decimated. It might take years to form the capital needed to get these businesses started again.

The profit margin in this industry is slim. In Minnesota under Walz, the tax and regulatory structure is punitive. Unfortunately, it isn’t stable, making it quite unpredictable. In that type of environment, why would anyone work hard to build capital, then put it at risk in such conditions?

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  • Chad Q says:

    You can’t control the people if they have their own jobs and money. Slowly killing off small businesses is only the first step in the plan to get everyone dependent on government for survival.

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