Barack Obama says he isn’t surprised by the snippets from Scott McClellan’s book. Why am I not surprised? Here’s what he said:

“The fact that he said it obviously is unusual,” the likely Democratic nomineee responded.

He added: “I haven’t read it. I don’t think that the substance is particularly surprising. I think many of us have been troubled by the lack of straightforwardness in this administration. The only news is that somebody within the administration has confirmed what a lot of us have thought for some time.”

This is actually quite revealing. It isn’t a stretch to think that Sen. Obama agrees with John Conyers, Russ Feingold and the rest of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade. Why else would he think that President Bush manipulated us into war with Iraq?

Certainly the only ‘proof’ that’s been produced that President Bush lied us into war’ were the discredited Downing Street Memos. Thus far, only the Tin Hat Brigade has bought into that farcical tale.

Sen. Obama’s reaction also tells us that he doesn’t need documented proof to presume Republicans are nefarious and dishonest. Whatever happened to independent verification and fact-checking? Does Sen. Obama think that that’s a right only afforded to liberals?

Until Mr. McClellan offers documented, dated proof of his allegations, I’ll consider them just that: allegations. After much rehashing of this stuff, I won’t hold my breath on seeing documented proof, whether it’s from Mr. McClellan, the Wilsons or anyone else from the Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

The postpartisan facade will fade fast if Sen. Obama continues hanging around with the Tinfoil Hat Brigade. It’s already disappeared as far as I’m concerned.

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2 Responses to “Obama on McClellan’s Tell-All: “We Knew It All Along””

  • Bart Stewart says:

    Barack Obama’s rather tepid statement on the McClellan book sure produced a piping hot response out of you. Sorry, but there are other reasons to believe that Bush/Cheney manipulated us into this war in Iraq. First of all, in the years prior to taking office, the honchos of the Bush administration were the heads of the PNAC, the Project for the New American Century. This outfit wanted a “uni-polar world,” or an American Empire, and they saw Iraq as the easy first step down that road. After Iraq it would be off to invade the next hostile state on the list, until the Plutocracy of the United States effectively ruled the world. This is all in the public writings of the PNAC. Bush came into office on Day One looking for any pretext to invade Iraq. This has been vouched for by former administration officials Richard Clarke, Paul ONeil, and now McClellan. How much more evidence do you need? The administration’s own story for why they diverted us into Iraq has changed umpteen times. Why are you so quick to doubt Clarke, ONeil, and McClellan, not to mention the position papers of the PNAC? No tin foil hat is required. And if anybody is cult-like it is those of you who still defend Bush, the single worst president in American history, hands down, bar none.

  • David S. says:

    I wonder if Bush intended to decieve the public, OR if he Bought into the flawed intelligence that Sadam Hussien Had and ” Planned To Use Weapons of mass destruction” as was the cited reason Bush had us enter into war in Iraq. I remember the Democrat opposition saying They were alluded to as potential “traitors” if they didnm’t go to war with thier votes. Now looking back I think Bush just stumbled into Iraq wrecklessly and didn’t check His Facts. It seems to me he was afraid to look bad ioif all those American troops, (our blood and treasure), would be wasted uncessarily, and now Bush is very Reluctant to be stuck with the political baggage of hav9ing cried “WOLF”, or “weapons of Mass Destruction” too soon. Especially given 9/11 fears. I think Iraq was a strategic blunder and now we get “The Pottery Barn Effect”. As well as a cover-up. I don’t believe Iraqs war was necessary, But Now must be justified in the eyes of Right wing Conservatives , simply to save face. That’s My Personal OPINION Speaking For Myself.

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