Veteran political observers remember the days when consultants said ‘Let Joe be Joe.’ Those days are history, if not ancient history. Last night, Joe Biden attended a campaign event his staff probably wishes he hadn’t attended.

This article highlights what might go wrong with a candidate who isn’t all there.

Joe Biden raised eyebrows on Tuesday evening over his attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters at a campaign event in Kissimmee, Fla. The event was meant to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month. The Democratic candidate was the last speaker of the event to take the podium following several supporters including Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi.

However, when Biden approached the podium, he paused and reached for his phone in his pocket. “I just have one thing to say,” Biden began as he looked down at his phone. “Hang on here.”

He then held his phone to the microphone, which began playing the 2017 hit song “Despacito” from Fonsi, who had introduced the candidate. After roughly 15 seconds of bobbing his head and gently dancing behind the podium, he paused the music. “I’ll tell you what- if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected president by acclamation,” Biden chuckled.

That cringeworthy moment sparked some interesting reactions. Here’s Ed O’Keefe’s reaction:

Mercedes Schlapp’s reaction was particularly hilarious:

No wonder Biden’s staff keeps Biden hidden. At the end of this video, after Biden threw a couple of cheap shots at President Trump, Biden needed directions from staff to get off the stage:

Finally, there’s this Trump campaign video:

Biden is a scatterbrain. How can a scatterbrain who has difficulty putting together a coherent sentence lead us through a crisis? HINT: He can’t.

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