For more than 2 weeks, Democrats have insisted that the violence in America’s streets was happening in “Donald Trump’s America.” Joe Biden suggested multiple times that it was President Trump’s fault. To prove the dishonesty of these assertions, a simple set of questions will suffice. Let’s get started proving the Democrats’ dishonesty.

  1. During any of the riots, did President Trump instruct the Democrat mayors to go easy on the rioters?
  2. Did President Trump tell Ted Wheeler, Portland’s Democrat mayor, to look the other way while Antifa destroyed Wheeler’s city?
  3. When Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ordered the police to abandon the Second Precinct Police Station, did he give those instructions on President Trump’s instruction?

  4. When Officer Derek Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd’s neck, was it because he’d received bad training?
  5. Or did it happen because the powers-that-be in Minneapolis haven’t changed the culture within the Minnneapolis Police Department?
  6. Did President Trump have anything to do with either the officers’ training or the culture within the MPD?
  7. When Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s Democrat Mayor, told President Trump she didn’t need federal help, was that President Trump’s fault?
  8. Was it President Trump’s fault when the Rochester Police Chief and his deputy retire today?

Check this out:

Here’s another set of questions:

  1. If, God forbid, Joe Biden is elected this November, will Ted Wheeler suddenly become Portland’s version of Joe Arpaio?
  2. Would Jacob Frey suddenly turn into a Minneapolis version of Clint Eastwood?
  3. Would Bill de Blasio suddenly turn into Serpico?

Let’s get serious a moment. Joe Biden’s accusations shouldn’t be taken seriously. His accusations only make sense if President Trump is in charge of the police forces in Rochester, Portland, New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. Since the US Constitution is built on the principle of federalism, Biden’s accusations don’t make any sense. Then again, nothing makes sense to a candidate who looks like this:

Here’s the video by itself:

That candidate is barely able to read a teleprompter. Is he the guy you’d want handling an international crisis? I wouldn’t.

2 Responses to “American violence questionnaire”

  • eric z says:

    Biden admitted that anyone could beat Trump. Then he weaseled his way into being the candidate. Whether he wins or loses, he’s owned by the same people who own Trump; the big money donors.

    Bernie would have won and made a difference. Biden’s admitted nothing will fundamentally change. Just more stability, better on the pandemic, better on climate change and weaning the world off fossil fuels. Just better. Less bombast, more experience, AND fewer bankruptcies.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Trump isn’t owned by anyone. He’s been rich for decades. That’s why he’s called the blue collar billionaire. Getting rid of fossil fuels is a pipe dream. Once you try getting rid of fossil fuels, you make the US vulnerable to relying on Middle East oil. No Thanks!!! As for the myth that Biden would be better on COVID, didn’t you pay attention to Trump standing up factories to build ventilators, N95 masks & PPE? Didn’t you notice Trump inviting companies to the WH to start innovating for building new testing machines? Walmart, CVS, Walgreen & Target set up parking lots to let the medical tech companies use their parking lots to do COVID testing? These are things that Biden wouldn’t thought of in a million years.

    That’s before giving Peter Navarro the assignment of bringing medical supply chain companies back from China to the United States so China can’t blackmail us or hold us hostage again.

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