By now, we’ve learned that the Commission on Presidential Debates has established the dates/locations for this year’s presidential debates. What we’ve learned is that they’ve failed miserably. The Commission should be significantly reformed. Specifically, I’d recommend these changes:

  • The dead weight on the Commission should be eliminated.
  • The first debate should be held before the start of early voting. SIDENOTE: If a candidate doesn’t agree to participate in all debates, they should be passed over for the other debates.
  • A mix of moderators is best. Citizen journalists should be included as moderators.

These changes are required because we’ve had too many cringeworthy moments like Candy Crowley’s Benghazi meltdown:

President Obama did use the term terrorist attack the day after the attack in Benghazi. Then he went back to saying that it was a spontaneous reaction to an obscure internet video. Obama even used the latter spin during his address to the UN General Assembly.

The point is simple. The fossils occupying positions of prestige at CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS don’t ask questions that inform viewers. They ask questions that reinforce their narratives. With what Newt Gingrich calls the “Propaganda Media” going further into the tank against Republicans, the people serving on the CPD Board of Directors should be infused with new blood. People like FNC’s Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum and Harris Faulkner, PBS’s Judy Woodruff, CBS’s Major Garrett, MSNBC’s George Will and Greta van Susteren with FullCourtPress should be considered for moderating debates.

I’d eliminate George Stephanopoulos, Wolf Blitzer and Chuck Todd immediately. Todd and Stephanopoulos are hyperpartisans. Todd isn’t that bright, either. Finally, it’s essential to have at least 1 debate before early voting starts.

Check back tomorrow for more on early voting reform.

2 Responses to “Presidential debates in the early voting era; some suggestions”

  • eric z says:

    Gary, I am curious whether your readership holds the debates to be as important as you appear to indicate. They’ve been a bore. Can you remember a single thing in a Bush/Kerry debate that you’d call a defining moment? It’s same old, same old. Or do your readers think otherwise. I’d be interested to see if they respond to the question. And with what range of opinion.

  • Chad Q says:

    The debates this year would show how mentally diminished Biden really is. The cheese was sliding off his cracker during the VP debate with Ryan and it’s only gotten worse. Progressives talk about compassion but standing this doddering old fool up to be the president is elder abuse.

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