Dan Bongino’s tweet has started a firestorm of controversy over what Democrats will do with regard to Joe Biden. For over a month, I’ve said that Democrats will use Biden as a Trojan Horse candidate so they can pretend that they’re moderates until the election is over. Within a month after the inauguration, Democrats will use the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to permanently remove Biden from office.

There hasn’t been any doubt that Biden’s cognitive abilities have precipitously declined since he was last in office. Joe Biden is said to be gaffe-prone. That’s the MSM’s spin but it’s BS. These aren’t gaffes. They’re proof that Joe isn’t all there. Period. Full stop.

Democrats will keep Joe front and center (in his basement or in an empty union hall) until after the election. If he wins, he’ll become the first president to get run out of office using the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. This isn’t the mind of a man who’s all there:

This might be worse:

The thing people need to emphasize is that Biden’s running mate will quickly become president. Does anyone think that any of the mayors on his short list are capable of being president? Can you picture how quickly the economy would tank if Susan Rice or Kamala Harris became president? These aren’t just nightmare scenarios. They’re virtually guaranteed of happening if Biden wins.

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  • eric z says:

    Karen Bass was Assembly Leader of the largest and most prosperous state in the Union. She became head of the Congressional Black Caucus while serving in the House. She has credibility with progressives, where Harris might have less. Rice is capable, but a guess is that she’s as conservative as Biden.

    Finally, you ignore those believing Trump is less than all there. He’s shown, by the bible stunt and the Portland invasion to be too authoritarian and susceptible to bad advice from Barr and Wolf.

    It’s a bad choice, and you correctly say the Democratic Party’s candidate is weak, while focusing only on one aspect. But Trump is derailed. As to dangerousness, voters will make a choice and polling may be correct about how that will sort out. I cannot speak in favor of either candidate. My conscience does not permit that, but I expect voters to again face the lesser evil two-party presentation, and they will decide.

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