This week’s e-letter update from Minnesota House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler is typical DFL spin/bullshit. The e-letter update starts with the announcement that the “House Jobs and Economic Development Finance Committee will hold a public forum today (Tuesday, June 30) at 5:00 pm on the Promise Act. Then it says “The Promise Act also establishes a Civil Unrest Investigatory Commission to conduct a neutral investigation into the government’s response to the unrest, with a public report due by December 15, 2020.”

Later in Winkler’s update, he writes “Unlike the neutral investigation that House Democrats proposed as part of the Promise Act, Senate Republicans recently announced partisan hearings into the civil unrest that followed George Floyd’s murder. We know Senate Republicans have been working from the start with Bob Kroll of the Minneapolis Police Federation and his allies to preserve the status quo for public safety. The forthcoming hearings they plan to hold will have zero credibility because they were organized without the input of any DFL Senator, including POCI Caucus members.” Winkler finishes by writing this:

It’s clear that Senate Republicans are focused on throwing red meat to their base on FOX News instead of working with us to create a system of public safety where everyone can be safe, no exceptions. I’ll have more to say later this week when the Senate holds its first hearing.

Apparently, one of Rep. Winkler’s gifts is that he knows what’s going to happen days before it happens. Apparently, this gift doesn’t work on gas tanker trucks, though. Don’t forget this:

Winkler doesn’t know what’s happening at this Senate hearing. He’s a typical DFL partisan hack. When Winkler tweeted about the oil tanker truck, he intentionally said that the vehicle had racist stickers on it. He couched it as ‘I just heard some things from friends who said …’ At a time when tensions are higher than Mount Everest, you don’t throw white gas on that fire.

It turns out that the guy who got into the near-accident was delivering to a gas station owned by an African-American gentleman. Winkler got virtually everything wrong about the incident. He put out gossip that might’ve ignited more rioting. That’s the definition of irresponsible. The first order of business at the next special session should be censuring Winkler for being this reckless. He’s a back bench hack who shouldn’t be House Majority Leader.

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