Yesterday, DFL Gov. Tim Walz extended his foolish shelter-in-place order until May 4th. As I talked about in this post, Gov. Walz didn’t ask the right questions. If he’d asked the right questions, he would’ve asked what would’ve happened had Minnesotans had just followed the CDC’s guidelines without shutting down businesses.

State Rep. Mary Franson just sent out her weekly e-letter to her constituents and various members of the media. I happen to be one of those media people who have gotten her e-letter update. This week’s e-letter update talks quite a bit about Gov. Walz’s decision. Here’s part of Rep. Franson’s e-letter update:

Dear Neighbors,

This week, the governor extended the Stay at Home order for several more weeks, until May 4th. I have heard from many of you whose lives have been turned upside-down by all this, and I want you to know that legislators have been pushing Governor Walz’s administration on a daily basis, asking for exemptions, flexibility, and common sense. If a business can safely operate, while protecting the health of its employees and customers, they should be allowed to do so.

I am extremely frustrated that Gov. Walz has so far decided against sharing the modeling data that he is basing his decisions on. Minnesotans want to work together to keep their neighbors safe, but they also deserve transparency in the decision-making process. If this administration is going to continue affecting the lives of every Minnesotan with these sweeping orders, they deserve to know what information those decisions are based on.

First, Rep. Franson is right in saying that Gov. Walz should share with the legislature the model’s assumptions. Next, Rep. Franson is right in insisting that Gov. Walz’s plan be based on flexibility and common sense. Thus far, the DFL plan has lacked those traits.

I can believe that it’s highly frustrating for Rep. Franson and other Republicans because Gov. Walz and the DFL, who ran on the issue of transparency during budget negotiations, has been as transparent as a rock. Further, Gov. Walz’s has acted like an autocrat. He hasn’t talked with legislative leaders about what he’s about to do. The DFL hasn’t shown an interest in discussing what’s needed for Minnesota’s health.

Considering those things, it isn’t surprising that Minnesotans (statewide) are turning on Gov. Walz’s autocratic rule. Rep. Franson isn’t the only Republican who isn’t thrilled with Gov. Walz’s decision-making:

“I do not approve of the Governor’s unilateral decision to continue the order to shelter at home until May 4th,” Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka tweeted Thursday. “We have to get on with our lives.”

Gov. Walz is a cold-hearted jackass. Check this out:

“My heart breaks for the people who are worried for their economic well-being, but you can’t get frustrated, go on a hunch and throw caution to the wind and pretend like our neighbors’ lives are somehow disposable,” Walz said.

Walz and the DFL have done nothing except play hunches. The experts’ initial projection was 74,000 Minnesotans dying from COVID-19. At the time I write this, that projection is just off by 73,950+. In other words, I could’ve done better throwing darts at a dartboard. Assuming that shelter-in-place is the only option for staying safe is stupid. Here’s what Gov. Walz is thinking:

Seriously? Gov. Walz is expecting 5,000 people in ICUs this June? What type of idiot thinks that? That’s frightening on a Biden level. How does Gov. Walz defend his statement, considering Sen. Gazelka’s information. Finally, there’s this:

Within the DFL, it’s apparent that common sense is common. There’s definitely a shortage.

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  • Chad Q says:

    Hey, that’s what the so called experts told him so what was he supposed to do, think for himself?
    While I didn’t hear it from Walz himself and I’m taking a lot of liberty to paraphrase what they said, the morning show on 1130 AM said that Walz said that there might be one good thing to come of this and that people will start believing in global warming because of the science that has gone into predicting the virus and social distancing, or something along those lines. To that I say no, it makes me even more skeptical of global warming because the science has been so wrong about the virus. Garbage into the model and garbage out.

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