The phrase ‘Made in China’ still means what it meant 40+ years ago. It still means that you’re buying junk. Forty+ years ago, it meant junk. Then Nixon went to China and businesses started thinking that they’d make tons of money selling their products to China, which was true. Then people started thinking that they’d democratize China and that China would become a democratized nation of capitalists.

That part failed miserably.

That leads us to today’s China news:

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister tested positive for Coronavirus late last month, was hospitalized over the weekend, then was transferred to an intensive care unit early this week after his symptoms worsened. He has been sickened by a highly-transmissible virus that originated in China, whose government lied, suppressed data and covered up crucial information over the course of critical early weeks — leading to a global pandemic — and their deceit persists to this day. With that as a backdrop, the British government is demanding a refund after becoming the latest victim of defective anti-Coronavirus medical supplies:

The UK is demanding a refund on this Chinese trash. (The sound you hear in the background is Chinese credibility collapsing.) Meanwhile, US innovators are creating new technologies that astonish people with their reliability. (The sound you hear under your feet is the ground shifting as the US reestablishes its marketplace dominance.

When Japan rebuilt its economy, it rebuilt by making quality products. When China entered the world market, it kept building crap for most things. This article highlights how much China’s stock is dropping:

In a blog post on Monday, John Bell, the coordinator of coronavirus testing for Public Health England, said that none of England’s 17 million antibody kits — including the ones bought from China — have performed well. “We see many false negatives and we also see false positives,” he wrote. “…This is not a good result for test suppliers or for us.”

It’s clear that US products are higher quality than China’s products. That’s especially important during a health crisis. Each test, each product is important. Lives hang in the balance with each test. That isn’t something that you can ‘roll the dice’ on. That’s something that you’ve got to nail each time, every time.

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