Joe Biden has a Pennsylvania problem and it isn’t going away. Blue Collar Joe disappeared when he promised to stop fracking. He can’t run from that because he’s threatened that multiple times.

He’s trying his best to thread the needle. Biden wants to win over Bernie voters, many of whom are environmental activists, while he holds onto his Blue Collar Joe image. Joe’s problem is that he’s lost that Blue Collar Joe image because he’s been an enthusiastic partner with President Obama in shutting down the fossil fuel industry. Once you’ve gone over to the dark side, there’s really no returning. People might forgive but they won’t forget.

They won’t forget because this isn’t just a job to them. This is their family, their community, their lives.

Jeff Nobers, executive director of the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania, estimates there are 30,000 people in the region directly employed by the shale industry “and at least 75,000 more jobs downstream. There is no other way to say this other than this industry is [a] major economic driver in our state.”

Nobers said the Builders Guild covers the 33 counties of western Pennsylvania. “Between the trade unions and the contractors, you’re in the neighborhood of 60,000 people that are either members of unions or they work for contractors or in their offices and so forth,” he said of his organization.

That’s before factoring in these men and women’s families and relatives. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. If Democrats don’t flip all of these ‘blue firewall’ states back to blue, there’s no path to victory. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan represent 46 electoral votes. In 2016, President Trump won with 306 electoral votes. That means that he’d get re-elected by simply picking off Wisconsin again. Trump is currently leading there.

He also does not understand why Biden would want to possibly alienate voters of all stripes. “Not just the Democratic Party but the Republican Party and independents,” said Nobers.
Nobers adds these are not just blue-collar jobs, “These are chemists, geologists, people in computer science and technology, as well as electrical, environmental, and chemical engineers, accountants, human resources, and so forth.”
“You also have the security guy at the front desk. It’s not just the people that work right out there in the field. It’s tens of thousands of people in the industry, quite frankly. From the fella working on the pipeline all the way up to the CEO,” he said.

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  • eric z says:

    Strictly personal, but Biden will have to give more than a fracking ban, or not, to get Bernie voters. He will not go to Medicare for All, and that likely is a deal killer. Fifteen buck wage and tuition-free state universities would be a big step, but the medical industrial complex seems in the way of Biden beating four more. And income inequality seems to be another Biden ducked issue. If he’s no better than a Repubican, why risk eight more on him, vs four more on Trump. And then there is Hunter. But that is today’s feeling. By November, who knows what Trump does between now and then to change the calculus. Like war with Iran. Or some such.

  • Chad Q says:

    I love how the lefties keep pounding the $15/hr min wage. You do realize that if the min wage goes up 25-50%, my wage has to go up to keep up with inflation and so will prices of goods and services so the min wage worker is no better off than they were at $7.50. Of course if the democrat party thought $15 was needed now, cities like St. Paul and Mpls wouldn’t be phasing it in over years. They don’t care about you anymore than the so called uncaring GOP does, they just blow smoke up your ass to get your vote. Oh, and just think how medicare for all would be working right now.

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