Today’s selloff is undoubtedly disturbing to the average family. While it’s time to perhaps pay more attention to the portfolio, there’s a strong case to be made that it’s a great time to ignore it.

Let me start by saying that I’m not a market genius dispensing advice. That isn’t who I am whatsoever. I’m just someone who’s invested money before (mostly in mutual funds) and who has seen dips and crashes before. A couple of things are worth considering. During an interview with Bill Hemmer, David Asman talked about a person’s 401(k) or their IRA. He spoke specifically about retirement accounts. What he said about retirement accounts is great advice:

Remember that you haven’t lost money if you haven’t sold the stock. What you’ll see is an ugly statement. That isn’t a big deal if you don’t panic. It isn’t a big deal if you let the stock market recover, which will happen.

It’s important to note that the policies that President Trump and the Republican congress put in place have given us the strongest economy in a generation or more. The minute that this crisis is behind us is the minute the stock market will rebound. This administration’s economic team is the best since the Clinton or Reagan team. Steve Mnuchin knows what he’s doing. Larry Kudlow was the architect of Reaganomics. Now, he’s returned to work his magic with this administration.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t re-evaluate your portfolio. It simply means that you should do that in a calm, rational setting, not while you’re panicking. I have total confidence that President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin and Director Kudlow will put together a proposal tomorrow that will return the economy to the right path.

The biggest problem with the economy is the MSM. Two weeks ago, the MSM kept perpetrating the hoax that President Trump was caught asleep at the switch. That’s despite the fact that Democrats criticized him for overreacting. Democrats accused President Trump of racism because he took unprecedented action. Wouldn’t it be nice if the MSM and other Democrats made up their minds? You can’t be caught asleep at the switch and overreact to a crisis.

President Trump’s economic track record is brilliant. Unemployment is low. Minority unemployment is at a historic low. While 7,000,000 new jobs were create, most of those jobs went to women. Wages have risen, especially for the lowest-paid wage-earners. With a history of success like that, why shouldn’t I trust this administration? They’ve lifted more people out of poverty in 3 years than the Obama administration lifted out of poverty in 8 years.

If anything should start a panic, the thought of a third Obama term should frighten the daylights out of us. Trumponomics is working. It’s given us a resilient economy that’s able to withstand lots of setbacks. Remember when Democrats insisted that the Trump tariffs on China would collapse our economy? How’d that prediction work out?

If Democrats don’t nominate Bill Clinton, there won’t be growth like we’ve had with President Trump. If Democrats nominate Joe Biden, who lately has difficulty stringing 3 straight coherent sentences together, the Trump Blue Collar Boom will collapse. You know the thing, right?

You’re willing to put the economy in that idiot’s hands? That’s the ultimate panicked decision.

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