H/T to Powerline’s Scott Johnson for highlighting this:

This must stop. Biden’s family must intervene ASAP. Constantly forgetting people’s names, especially your boss’s, brings into question whether Biden is still competent. At this point, I’m not certain he is.

It’s cruel to let a man that’s clearly having difficulties make a fool of himself while the whole world is watching. The DNC doesn’t care, though. Tom Perez hasn’t stopped at anything to prevent Bernie from being the Democrats’ nominee. Perez hasn’t hidden the fact that he’ll change the rules to prevent Tulsi Gabbard from participating in debates. But I digress.

It’s painfully obvious that Biden’s mind isn’t right. These aren’t like his previous gaffes, either, like when he told President Obama it was a big effing deal about Obamacare. That’s just a foul-mouthed old fart acting like a wise-ass. This isn’t like Biden talking about going to 7-11 stores without “a slight Indian accent”:

Nothing in those situations suggests that he’s lost command of his memories. The videos at the top of this post raise questions whether Biden’s mind is right enough to be the leader of the free world. Frankly, I’m not certain, at this point, he’s capable of running a neighborhood lemonade stand.

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  • eric z says:

    He still takes orders fine. As loved for that as Trump, by the billionaires giving orders.

    And you got the Tulsi freeze, but what of the Bloomberg rule change earlier.

    Don’t blame me. I wanted Ellison to head DNC. Perez was the Biden backed, establishment candidate with Mayor Pete throwing his hat in that ring to build a national name. Some housecleaning is due. But cut Perez some slack. He’s bad, but at least he’s not DWS bad.

    Do you think Biden gets a Ukraine excuse because he actually might not have realized what Hunter was doing or perceived how bad it looked? Such an excuse is consistent with the mind-slippage meme.

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