What a bunch of wimps these Democrats are. I watched the Democrats’ last presidential debate before the South Carolina First-in-the-South Primary. After Bernie’s convincing victory in Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses, everyone knew that Bernie would be Tuesday night’s piƱata.

As is often the case when expectations run high, this ‘Shoot-out at the OK Corral’ didn’t live up to expectations. It didn’t come close. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It was because none of the people could drop a welterweight. Half the field came in needing to land a KO of Sanders to re-establish momentum. These Democrats didn’t connect, at least not with a hard enough punch to stop Sen. Sanders from plowing through the competition for the Democrats’ nomination.

The Democrats’ debate started off strong enough. Everyone came after Bernie — for the first 10-12 minutes. After that, it was like an out-of-shape boxer who didn’t knock out his opponent by the fourth round. After that, Bernie could essentially cruise. It isn’t that Bernie performed that well. It’s that he survived. Before surviving the night, though, this happened:

There were times that the Democrats’ debate was simply unwatchable. Period. The shouting made it difficult. Listening to a bunch of competing angry voices brag about who could propose the dumbest policies made it impossible to watch.

Other than the shouting, what stood out the most were the attempts to out-progressive each other. This isn’t a progressive nation, as Sen. Warren insisted. It’s a center-right nation, especially right now. The other thing that couldn’t be mistaken was that none of these wimps stand a fighting chance of standing up to President Trump. Trump’s charisma and personality is overwhelming. By comparison, Mini Mike’s personality is as underwhelming as his net worth is overwhelming.

Pete Buttigieg lacks in personality but in a different way. He just isn’t likable. He’s elitist too much of the time and he’s impolite. For most of the night, he tried bullying his way into the conversations. It wasn’t a good look.

The biggest losers last night were the CBS moderators. They lost control virtually immediately. They didn’t regain control until after the final question. They should watch the Fox News moderators for the GOP debates in 2016. That’s how to moderate a debate, maintain control while asking substantive questions.

This was the first time for these moderators so I won’t be too harsh. I’ll just say that there’s room to grow.

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  • eric a says:

    You watched the entire thing? Hound for punishment. Bernie will lead, there will be a brokered convention sidetracking Bernie, and Trump will have his shot at four more, despite being hated by over half the nation. Bloomberg is the one who should stand aside. He messes things up entirely, has no chance as a Rockefeller Republican running in the wrong primary. Aside from being rich, he is as dislikeable as a coronavirus infection. Infecting the body public. He should spend his money on fighting cancer or some other thing he’d be thanked for, instead of despised as just in Bernie’s way. He’s a Jeb, but not with the sense to quit before starting.

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