Shortly after President Trump’s well-deserved victory celebration, media outlets started asking whether President Trump could work with Democrats the rest of the year. The short answer is no. The extended version is ‘Are you out of your flipping mind?’

This isn’t a difficult question to respond to. Since Pelosi (I’m not using the title of Speaker because she didn’t use the traditional greeting for the president at the SOTU Tuesday night.) retook the Speaker’s gavel, House Democrats have a single legislative accomplishment. Right after illegitimately impeaching President Trump on Dec. 18, 2019, the House ratified the USMCA trade agreement that President Trump and Ambassador Lighthizer negotiated.

A more thorough review of the Democrats’ legislative accomplishments over the past decade doesn’t inspire confidence. In January, 2014, Barack Obama made this statement (threat?):

The solitary legislative accomplishment on the Democrats’ side since 2010 is Obamacare. That happened in March, 2010. Considering the Democrats’ thin history of legislative accomplishments, why would people think that Democrats are interested in legislative accomplishments? In 2014, Democrats lost the majority in the US Senate by losing 9 net Senate seats. Republicans picked up seats in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia. That year, the incumbents that lost (Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and North Carolina) lost because their opponents ran ads saying that Sen. fill-in-the-blank voted with Harry Reid 97% of the time.

The Senate Democrats’ only accomplishment this year is lending support in ratifying the USMCA trade agreement.

In the past decade, Democrats’ accomplishments are passing Obamacare and ratifying the USMCA trade agreement. Let’s not forget that every Democrat in the House and Senate voted against the Trump-GOP tax cuts. Democrats also voted against removing most of the regulations hindering the energy industry. Those regulations were removed when the House and Senate used the Congressional Review Act to eliminate those regulations.

The people shouldn’t count on Democrats to pass legislation that fixes problems or improves people’s lives. That isn’t their identity.

By comparison, when people had unified government with President Trump in the White House and Republican majorities in the House and Senate, things got done that made our nation safer, more prosperous and made us energy independent. Middle class families are feeling the improvements. Small business start-ups are lifting people from the middle class into creating wealth. Income inequality is shrinking, too.

People need to ask themselves if they’d prefer continuing this path of prosperity or whether they’d rather elect a Democrat who wants to kill this recovery. People also need to ask themselves if they’re willing to guns to the Democrats’ knife fights. Democrats just showed how vicious they are. Think of how vindictive Pelosi is. Then think of how dishonest Schiff is. Finally, think of how air-headed AOC is. That’s the ‘leadership’ team in the House under the Democrats.

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  • eric z says:

    Whining aside, Strib online this morning carries an NYTimes item, “Republicans in Senate turn their sights to Joe Biden’s son Hunter — Unlike the impeachment investigation, requests to the Treasury Department for documents were not refused.”

    What took you guys so long? Bribe taking, if that really is what went on, is wrong no matter who does it. Both parties should examine the speeches for exorbitant fees -/- book publishing scam within their ranks, and close it off. The real problem? Those who buy the book crap. It takes a very special mind to decide to want to read something John Bolton wrote. That kind of special mind, unfortunately, is too prevalent.

    Last, Pelosi saw the acquittal as inevitable, given your people, and was hounded into the circus. By ill-advised caucus members. Let the people decide at the ballot box.

    Or was it her aim to strengthen Trump’s hand by the half-assed effort put forth, knowing Bernie would be the nominee and her part of the Dem establishment – Clintons, Third Way, et al. – wanting to torpedo Bernie at any cost, even four more years?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Republicans couldn’t investigate Hunter while the impeachment trial was ongoing. The impeachment trial is the only thing on the schedule until it’s resolved because it’s a privileged resolution.

    Everybody knew that Bolton & Trump weren’t a good fit together. That there’s bad blood between them now is as surprising as finding out that Mike Bloomberg is rich.

    Third, Pelosi wants to hold onto her speaker’s gavel. If not for that, she would’ve told AOC & others to take a hike.

    Finally, it’s astonishing to see how badly Democrats want to torpedo Bernie. They’ve been out to get him longer than the FBI has been out to get Trump. Yes, I’m serious about that.

    If Bernie is the nominee, it’ll be an electoral nightmare because the DNC Establishment will sabotage him. If Bloomberg is the nominee, it’ll be a bigger electoral nightmare because a big percentage of Bernie’s supporters will sit things out.

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