It’s been quite awhile since I agreed with Speaker Pelosi on anything substantive. Today is that day. Sen. Mitch McConnell has frequently said that the impeachment trial rules for President Trump’s trial are similar to the rules in the Clinton impeachment trial. I totally agree with that. That being said, I also agree with Speaker Pelosi that the impeachment of President Clinton and President Trump’s impeachment are dramatically different.

Bill Clinton’s impeachment investigation was conducted by a team of skilled investigators who weren’t political hacks. The information that the investigators uncovered were brought before a grand jury, who made an initial determination of whether he’d violated any laws. They didn’t indict but they stated whether the things that they’d found were enough to get an indictment. When the investigation ended, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr was required by statute to issue a report, which Judge Starr complied with. The Starr Report was then published and given to each member of Congress.

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his investigation, which was essentially run by Andrew Weissman, a disgraced attorney who got slapped down 9-0 for the way he prosecuted Enron and who took down a Big Eight accounting firm. When Mueller completed his investigation, he turned his findings over to the Attorney General. That’s because the special counsel is considered an employee of the Department of Justice.

Here’s a summary of the Starr Report:

In the report’s introduction, Starr asserted that Clinton had lied under oath during a sworn deposition on January 17, 1998, while he was a “defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit” and “to a grand jury.” He additionally alleged that Clinton had “attempted to influence the testimony of a grand jury witness who had direct knowledge of facts that would reveal the falsity of his deposition testimony; attempted to obstruct justice by facilitating a witness’ plan to refuse to comply with a subpoena; attempted to obstruct justice by encouraging a witness to file an affidavit that the president knew would be false … ; lied to potential grand jury witnesses, knowing that then they would repeat those lies before the grand jury; and engaged in a pattern on conduct that was inconsistent with his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws.”

When the Mueller Report stated that “no Americans conspired with Russians” to rig the election for President Trump, Democrats didn’t accept that. In the Clinton investigation, the House of Representatives had a lengthy list of crimes to pick from to impeach President Clinton on. With the Trump investigation, there wasn’t a single crime that President Trump allegedly committed.

Rather than accept failure, Democrats turned to Adam Schiff to investigate President Trump. Working with a CIA snitch who allegedly worked with 2 of Schiff’s new staffers at the NSC, Schiff seized upon President Trump’s second phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy. After twisting the transcript’s words, which is what Democrats do, Adam Schiff insisted that this faux whistleblower had to be trusted and that he had to testify.

Faster than you can say Schiff Show, Schiff was calling one hearsay testifier after another in Schiff’s SCIF. When Democrats moved to public testimony, Schiff’s whistleblower was nowhere to be found. Mark Zaid, the whistleblower’s attorney, however, became a sideshow. It’s just a matter of time before Ms. Pelosi transmits the articles of impeachment to the Senate. When that happens, Schiff will be exposed as a corrupt partisan hack. When the case goes to trial, Schiff’s legacy will be demolished.

When President Clinton was impeached, legitimate crimes were committed and a legitimate investigator did the investigating. When President Trump was impeached, no crimes were committed and Humpty Dumpty was the investigator. We all know what happened to Humpty Dumpty. We can only hope that happens with Schiff, too.

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