The NYTimes published this op-ed yesterday. Apparently, their editors weren’t working. Either that or their editors are just worthless. The op-ed states incorrectly that “G.O.P. women, at both the national and state levels, are on the brink of extinction.”

That’s either sloppy or intentionally dishonest. It’s most likely intentional dishonesty because it didn’t require any research to find facts that refute the statement. Elise Stefanik saw the op-ed and replied with a series of fact-based tweets. Here’s one of Ms. Stefanik’s fact-based tweets:

If that isn’t enough, check out this Stefanik tweet:

This one is my personal favorite:

I love reading about a freshman Democrat heading for defeat first thing in the morning. The only thing that’s better is hearing that 2 freshman Democrats are heading for defeat. The point is that the NYTimes’ op-ed isn’t accurate. (That’s a shock, right?) The other point is that Elise Stefanik is definitely a rising star in the GOP. She’s tough as nails and she doesn’t back down. Finally, let’s end with this Stefanik tweet:

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