This LTE should frighten thoughtful people because of the ‘logic’ applied to the subject of the border crisis. The author of this LTE identifies himself as a retired civics teacher, which means he’s a progressive who isn’t capable of applying logic.

In the article, this retired teacher identifies himself as part of the ‘Hate America First Crowd’ wing of the Democrat Party. He did that by writing “I was appalled by the consequences of the decisions of this administration that used the slogan ‘Make American Great Again’ was making our country a disgrace.” Before moving along, let’s apply some critical thinking to that statement.

Why is a simple, positive slogan seen as something that “was making our country a disgrace”? Is it because the economy is the best it’s been in 15+ years? Is it because minority and women unemployment are at historic lows? Perhaps, we’re a disgrace because we didn’t put Foggy Bottom blinders on when negotiating terrible trade deals with China.

Better yet, perhaps we’re seen as a disgrace because a sociopath from NYC is comparing detention centers to Nazi concentration camps. Are we seen as a disgrace because this same sociopath is telling disinterested media people that illegal aliens are being put into rooms with no running water, then being ordered to drink from toilets that rely on the supposedly nonexistent running water?

The article in the June 24 edition of the New York Times demonstrated that the situation at the border for innocent children is disgraceful and inhumane. It is incredible that the country that I have been proud of has allowed this to happen.

This is a complicated problem that needs solutions on many fronts. Border policy has been a problem for many years. The president, his administration, the Republicans in Congress who refuse to challenge these policies and the Democrats who delay action to get rid of the disgraceful, unfit, dangerous president are complicit in the downward spiral of our country’s moral standing in the world.

So we’re supposed to “get rid of” a president who has installed a set of fiscal policies that have brought minority unemployment to historic lows? President Trump and the GOP didn’t work on immigration at the start of his administration because the economy was in much worse shape. The border didn’t get become the total crisis that it is now until House Democrats filled the DHS appropriations bill with poison pills that now prohibits illegal aliens entering with a child to be deported.

This fits with the Democrats’ plans for opening the borders and not enforcing the US’s immigration laws. Anyone that thinks that isn’t the Democrats’ goal is kidding themselves. At the twin DNC/Democrat debates 2 weeks ago, each of the 20 Democrat presidential candidates raised their hands when asked if we should decriminalize illegally entering the United States. What’s truly frightening is that all of those Democrat presidential candidates raised their hands to make sure illegal aliens had health care free of charge if they were elected president. This is disgusting:

After reading the first few paragraphs of the excellent NYT article, my granddaughter plainly told me that she did not want to hear more. She did not want to hear about children who had little food and horrible living conditions.

There’s nothing excellent about the NY Times article. The living conditions, while crowded, are kept clean considering the fact that House Democrats complained that children were sleeping on the floor, then seeing 99 of their members vote against providing funding for beds.

The conditions at the border are difficult because House Democrats have obstructed putting things in place. In December, when Republicans introduced legislation to fix this problem, Democrats said there wasn’t a crisis. In February, House and Senate Democrats said that there was just a “manufactured crisis.” By April, Democrats started admitting that there was a “humanitarian crisis.” If AOC doesn’t act in the next 2 months, how will Democrats describe that crisis?

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  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    At the first debate of the Democrat candidates for POTUS, they revealed their hand when they chose the interests of illegal immigrants over the best interests of US citizens. It was very obvious to any sane person watching.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Sane people weren’t watching unless it was their job. LOL

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