I knew from the first moment that Democrat House candidates said that they wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker if they retook the House that they were lying. Now that she’s on the verge of winning the Speakership, I can say ‘I told you so’. All the big talk was for their protection. It wasn’t serious. Here’s another prediction: most of the candidates that said they wouldn’t support Pelosi will be allowed to vote present so they won’t (technically) break their promise.

That’s a scam, too, because voting present doesn’t hurt Pelosi. Pelosi is showing why she’s part of the Swamp. The truth is that Pelosi is what’s wrong with Washington. She’s into what’s next on her political checklist. She isn’t into what’s best for America.

People can’t say that the ACA made America more prosperous or produced more security. Medicare For All won’t either. They’re both items on the Democrats’ ideological checklist. Neither item will make America more prosperous or secure. This explains what happens in the Swamp:

Rep. Brian Higgins, a New York Democrat who has criticized Pelosi for months and vowed repeatedly to vote against her in the new Congress, announced his support for the California Democrat.

“It is likely that Nancy Pelosi is going to be the speaker,” Higgins said in an interview explaining his change of mind. “To be truthful about it, not only is there not a viable alternative, right now there‚Äôs not an alternative.”

That was always the case. Saying that you wouldn’t vote for Ms. Pelosi wasn’t honest. It was just a lie, a defensive mechanism, a way to pretend that you were a moderate. Moderates don’t exist in the Democratic Party anymore. They’re moderates only until Nancy needs their votes on something far left wing. Then they snap to attention:

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  • eric z says:

    She is part of the swamp. Paul Ryan in a skirt. Get her out and a progressive in, and the nation and world will hum and the birds sing sweeter while the sun shines brighter and the air and water will be cleaner. 2020 is next, but between now and then, same old, same old. Pelosi raises big money from the same big money that buys both sides of the aisle.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Apparently, you haven’t noticed that the economy is already humming like it hasn’t since Reagan was president. Unemployment for minorities is the lowest it’s ever been! Women’s unemployment is the lowest it’s been since before I was born! Health care still needs to be fixed but single-payer isn’t the answer. That’s the anti-solution!

    Hopefully, the Democrat House majority will be short-lived & we can return to prosperity quickly. Finally, businesses are getting taxed fairly. When President Obama raised taxes on them, they moved overseas to avoid the high taxes. A genius decision it wasn’t.

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