In 2014, Dave Steckling was Dave Masters’ campaign manager. The times have definitely changed since then. This evening, the St. Cloud Times published Mr. Steckling’s LTE, which endorses Dr. John Palmer, Masters’ opponent.

In his LTE, Steckling wrote “Two years ago I was campaign manager for Dave Masters’ St. Cloud City Council re-election. Masters says his primary council job is “public safety”— what a joke. His lackadaisical attitude the past 11 years has done nothing to solve the serious problems facing our city; yet he continues to utter useless dialogue at council meetings. I no longer feel safe to walk downtown or in certain neighborhoods, or to drive certain streets. For a fresh, much-needed change we welcome John Palmer. Palmer comes fully qualified to sit on this council.”

First, Masters is an empty suit. When Liz Baklaich handed out hats that had a logo on them, Masters took offense. What did the logo say that so offended Masters? “Make St. Cloud Great Again.” Masters’ complaint? “St. Cloud is already great.” Right.

Electrolux is leaving. Herbergers has shut down. The neighborhood west and south of Tech High School isn’t safe. More properties are being turned into rental properties each year as the middle class abandon St. Cloud. That isn’t the average middle class voter’s picture of living the American Dream.

Frankly, that isn’t the portrait of a thriving city. That’s the portrait of a city that needs new leadership. I’ve spoken with friends of mine who live in the First Ward. They’ve told me that there’s a 2-tier system in the First. The people living near Lake George get treated like royalty. The people who don’t live near Lake George don’t get treated very well by Masters.

If you believe that everyone is entitled to being treated respectfully, voting for John Palmer is your only option.

4 Responses to “Dave Masters’ campaign manager speaks out — against Masters”

  • Crimson Trace says:

    Dave Masters has been on the council far too long. He repeatedly states, “I feel…” What matters is what WE THE PEOPLE he represents feels and thinks. Masters also squelched conversation about refugee resettlement by calling the question for an immediate vote on Council member Johnson’s moratorium in which he was ambushed. Masters continues to vote against any council study session topics on resettlement. This isn’t representative government…it’s a dictatorship. Clearly, John Palmer understands Robert’s Rules of Order and finance. Masters does not. We will soon find out if St. Cloud voters want business as usual or change.

  • Dave steckling says:

    Thank you Gary for your support of John Palmer. As the best qualified candidate he gets a 10 whereas Masters rates a zero.

  • Steve says:

    The LTE writer said that he didn’t feel safe in downtown St Cloud anymore.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a resident but I come up there enough times a year that I haven’t seen anything wrong with the downtown. To me, it looks like new businesses are coming into St Germain. I didn’t see a lot of scuzzy or dangerous looking people hanging around.

    Yeah sure there’s gotta be the occasional problem(s) with drunken or belligerent SCSU students – but that’s always been the norm, right?

    Maybe the writer is seeing something that I can’t. After all, he lives up there. But IMHO, it doesn’t seem that bad to me – even in the evening.

  • Dave Steckling says:

    Steve- ask any cop in St. Cloud if the city has changed in the past 12 years. Turn on a police scanner and hear what’s happening from time to time. Drive by shootings, muggings, rapes in the college area, attendance at SCSU down 5000 students in 8 years, terroristic stabbings at Crossroads Mall, 1690 students leaving Tech High because of racial problems, etc. Dave Masters has done NOTHING to address these problems in the last 11 years and it’s time someone with guts and good ideas takes his place. That man is my friend John Palmer.

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