I’m old enough to remember a time when Democrats knew how to substantively debate issues. I know that dates me but it’s worth mentioning. I even remember a time when Juan Williams was capable of participating in a substantive debate. Sadly, those days are gone.

Back in the good old days, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and even Bill Clinton were capable of participating in passionate, substantive debates. Juan Williams isn’t in Hitchens’ and Moynihan’s class. Greg Gutfeld is. Watch him utterly dismantle Williams’ shallow arguments in this video:

It was awesome watching Gutfeld say that he wouldn’t take criticisms about civility after Democrats ignored his book titled “The Joy of Hate” 5+ years ago. Gutfeld talked about how he warned that the pipe bombs would happen. He said that he “wrote 13 chapters on this. We talked about this on this show. I can’t take a lecture who ignored me about this concern.”

Greg Gutfeld’s argument was coherent. His predictions were right. Juan Williams’ arguments, by comparison, have utterly disappeared with time. The reason, in my theory, is that Democrats are great at reciting that day’s chanting points but they’re utterly inept at applying logic and data. The Democrats’ inability to grasp key principles is frightening.

This isn’t my dad’s Democratic Party. This bunch isn’t nearly as smart and considerably less patriotic.

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