During this campaign, Democrats have distanced themselves from Nancy Pelosi. If they retake the majority on Nov. 6, they’ll re-elect her to be their speaker. That’s the game Democrats are playing. It’s a game we should immediately opt out of.

It isn’t that Nancy Pelosi isn’t tone-deaf. She is. It’s that other Democrats are just as bad. A vote for a so-called Democrat moderate is a vote for another Democrat lunatic. Does anyone seriously think that there’s any moderates in the Democrats’ leadership team?

This is a game. It’s the Democrats’ attempt to use a shiny object (Pelosi) to distract attention away from the Democrats inadequacies (think identity politics, income inequality, comprehensive immigration reform). Democrats don’t want to talk about immigration.

Further, I’d highlight the fact that Democrats are turning increasingly violent. John Hinderaker’s post highlights the fact that this violence isn’t just happening in Portland, OR and NYC. It’s happening in Minnesota, too.

BTW, it’s impossible to picture Keith Ellison pursuing charges against the hooligans in Hinderaker’s post. He’d side with the DFL. Either that or he’d pretend that it didn’t happen.

Once the election is behind them, does anyone think that Pelosi won’t twist these new Democrats’ arms until she’s speaker again? Of course she will. What’s worse is that she presided over the House until the U.S. economy tanked. We don’t want that all over again.

The reality is that, under Democrat governance, we’ll have more crime and less economic growth. That’s been proven before.

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  • eric z says:

    Karin Housley distanced herself from Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Facebook IS for those lacking judgment.

    Blogs are where it’s at. Blog on, Gary.

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