Imagine a political party implicitly saying that they don’t want this nation’s laws enforced. Imagine if this same political party also implicitly said that they wouldn’t lift a finger to help fix problems. Imagine if that political party wanted to run a re-election campaign based solely on their obstructionism.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. It’s what’s happening this minute. It’s what Democrats intend on doing. This minute, Democrats are standing in the way of fixing the loopholes in this nation’s immigration laws. If the loopholes were about gun control, Democrats would be demanding that those loopholes be closed. If we were talking about taxes, Democrats would be demanding that those loopholes be closed. When it comes to this nation’s immigration laws, Democrats insist that those loopholes remain open.

Beyond that, Democrats actually think that they can win back control of the House and possibly the Senate by being obstructionists. At a time when the American people are demanding solutions, the Democrats’ message to those voters is that they proved daily that they hate President Trump. They’re unanimously opposed to Republicans’ reasonable attempts to fix our immigration laws. That’s after Democrats unanimously voted against the Trump/GOP tax cuts that have this economy running stronger than at any time during the Obama administration.

Consumer confidence is sky-high. Wages are steadily increasing. Unemployment is microscopic. Unemployment for women is the lowest it’s been in 50+ years. Minority unemployment is the lowest it’s been in history. Think of this: these major accomplishments have happened without a single Democrat voting for any of the policies that have caused this regeneration.

The only thing worse than the Democrats’ obstructionism and insistence on not enforcing this nation’s laws is the MSM’s treating this position as routine. I’ve scoured Youtube in an attempt to find a single video of the MSM criticizing the Democrats’ obstructionism. I didn’t find a single video showing a network news anchor or correspondent criticizing the Democrats.

Let’s put this before the American people. Let’s tell them that the Democrats insist on not enforcing our borders. Let’s tell the American people that the Democrats won’t lift a legislative finger to stop MS-13 from entering the country. Let’s tell the American people that Democrats won’t lift a finger to prevent human trafficking, sex trafficking or drug cartels. Let’s point the finger at Democrats for the murders of Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck and others.

I triple-dog dare Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to meet with a group of angel families and explain why they won’t build President Trump’s wall. Democrats won’t do that in a million years. That’s because they’re too indebted to the special interests to do the right thing. The Trump/Republican campaign slogan is exceptionally simple:

The Democrats’ slogan would be slightly different. The Democrats’ slogan would read ‘Putting the Special Interests First.’

2 Responses to “Imagine”

  • Chad Quigley says:

    The ultra progressive wing of the Democrat party is really overplaying their hand especially when the recent poll puts most of the blame on the illegal immigrants for the separation of children. The people who elected Trump may not have a voice in the media but they sure will come election day in November and I think the left may take another beating.

  • Gretchen Leisen says:

    Hopefully the ‘deplorable, lightweight Yahoos’ who attended the rally in Duluth will help swell the GOP vote in November and Make Minnesota Red. Let’s pray that your prediction comes true.

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