According to this article, Democrats are planning on committing political suicide. According to the article, “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer opposes the immigration framework released by the White House — a potentially fatal blow for the prospective legislation in the closely divided Senate.” If Democrats oppose a bill that might give 1,800,000 DREAMers a path to citizenship, their ratings with Hispanics will drop precipitously right before the midterm elections.

If that happens, the wave will be on. This time, though, it will be a red wave, albeit a small wave in the House.

Think about this. Republicans would be able to run ads saying that Democrats unanimously opposed the Trump/GOP tax cuts that produced huge bonuses, tax cuts and improved employee benefits. Think about this. That’s just Round 1. Round 2 would be an ad that features Democrats making speeches on the Senate floor expressing their unwavering loyalty to DACA recipients before showing those same Democrats voting against the thing these DACA recipients want most.

With President Trump delivering his first State of the Union Address Tuesday night, President Trump will have a nationwide audience watching. What a perfect opportunity to tell the American people his sensible blueprint for immigration reform and border security.

Democrats are right. People want DACA solved. Republicans are right, too. The American people want their borders secured and chain migration ended. People rightly think that chain migration puts the immigrants in charge of immigration policy. People think that amnesty without a border wall is foolish.

If President Trump tells the American people his plan, then challenges Democrats to oppose him, he’ll push Democrats into a can’t win situation. Good luck with that. Sen. Schumer isn’t getting pushed into that can’t-win situation. He’s racing into it:

“This plan flies in the face of what most Americans believe,” Schumer said on Twitter. While Trump “finally acknowledged that the Dreamers should be allowed to stay here and become citizens, he uses them as a tool to tear apart our legal immigration system and adopt the wish list that anti-immigration hard-liners have advocated for for years.”

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders made sure he’ll pay the price for that foolishness:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly shot back, tweeting that Schumer prefers “open borders & sanctuary cities over law & order and popular, common sense reforms.”

Sen. Schumer, welcome to God’s little acre: east of the rock, west of the hard place. Enjoy your stay. You’ll be there a while.

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