If the shutdown hits, Republicans should criticize Democrats for being opposed to virtually everything that Republicans have proposed. While it’s totally justifiable to call this the #SchumerShutdown, because he’s encouraged Democrats to vote against funding the government, it’s also a Democrat shutdown because a bunch of so-called Democratic moderates haven’t developed a spine to stand up to Sen. Schumer or the Democrats’ special interests.

I have a theory on why we’re staring at another possible shutdown. It’s called a base election. How often have we heard that term the last 5 years? On the Democrats’ side, base elections are driven by identity politics. In that situation, Democrats have a checklist of things that they always vote for and another list that Democrats wouldn’t vote for if their lives depended on it. Whatever happened to senators actually voting to do the right thing?

In that respect, Lindsay Graham is most like Democrats because he won’t vote legislation that’s serious about border security.

This afternoon, Sen. Mitch McConnell delivered this speech on the Senate floor. It won’t be a wakeup call but it should be. Here’s something that he said in his speech:

The deadline to fund the government is nearly upon us. The Senate is now just hours away from an entirely avoidable government shutdown. At midnight tonight, funding for programs that millions of Americans rely on — like veterans’ services, opioid treatment centers, death benefits for the families of fallen soldiers, and health insurance for nine million vulnerable children – would be thrown in chaos.

Last night, the Senate began consideration of a bill passed by the House which would erase these threats. The bill keeps the federal government open. And it extends the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides coverage for nine million children in low-income families, for six years. This vote should be a ‘no-brainer.’

And it would be, except that the Democratic Leader has convinced his members to filibuster any funding bill that doesn’t include legislation they are demanding for people who came to the United States illegally. What has been shoehorned into this discussion is an insistence that we deal with an illegal immigration issue. He’s insisted that he won’t support any legislation at all for the American people – no matter how noncontroversial or how bipartisan – unless we pass a bill on illegal immigration first.

Watch the entire speech here:

Let’s be exceptionally clear about this. Sen. Schumer is insisting on protecting illegal immigrants but he isn’t insisting on funding increases to our military. What type of wretched person has priorities like that? It’s immoral that a U.S. senator fights harder for protecting illegal immigrants than he’s fought for our military.

Any dirtbag that puts a higher priority on protecting illegal immigrants than he puts on properly funding for the military isn’t worthy of elected office. Other Democrats supporting that dirtbag are complicit in his hideous actions.

If Democrats want to vote for the #SchumerShutdown, then they should pay the price this November. This isn’t just the Democrats failing a policy decision. It’s Democrats failing a moral decision, too.

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