Dan Fabian’s LTE highlights the difference between the DFL and the GOP. Rep. Fabian stated “Too many members of the DFL Party, nearly all of whom reside hundreds of miles from the Line 3 project, are opposed to the project, even if it meets all regulatory requirements.” Later in the LTE, Rep. Fabian said “Republicans are unified in support of replacing this aging oil pipeline.” That’s indisputable. Republicans overwhelmingly support these types of infrastructure projects because it strengthens the economy. The DFL, meanwhile, love ‘infrastructure’ projects that further their social engineering agenda. Think SWLRT.

Possibly the best paragraph of Rep. Fabian’s LTE is where he wrote “In addition to decisive support for the project, Republicans recently delivered common-sense reforms for the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board, clarified the appeals process for permits to mine, developed the ATV trail system for outdoor enthusiasts and tourism, and provided significant tax relief to middle-class families and workers.”

Hooray! Republicans everywhere need to adopt this model ASAP. Rep. Fabian told voters what he’s for. Rep. Fabian listed the Republican Party’s accomplishments, too. Rep. Fabian told people that his focus was on making their lives better. Reforming the IRRRB is a positive step that’s long overdue.

Republicans have demonstrated strong support for policies that will help grow the economy, boost good-paying jobs, and ensure the long-term sustainability of communities in northern Minnesota.

This is something for Republicans to be fired up about. If Republicans highlight their positive agenda and a strong pro-growth gubernatorial candidate, they can accomplish something that wasn’t believed possible 10 years ago: unified Republican governance in Minnesota.

It’s time to stop settling for watered-down Bernie Sanders policies. It’s time to sell full-throated Kemp-Reagan optimistic capitalism. We didn’t worry about income inequality during the Reagan years because people were prospering. The BS that Bernie Sanders and Rebecca Otto are peddling is essentially ‘life-isn’t-fair-economics’.

Rep. Fabian did Republicans a great service by writing this LTE. It’s what Republicans should run on in 2018.

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