My first and only contact with Andrew Breitbart came at the Minneapolis Marriott Hotel in 2011. I walked in the door and Breitbart was standing there maybe 10 feet away. I was surprised that Breitbart took 4-5 minutes to talk with me because, in the grand scheme of things, I’m a nobody. That evening, Breitbart delivered a stirring speech in which he talked about the need to get rid of the Republican majorities in the House and Senate because, in his words, “if you can’t defend liberty and freedom, you suck.” Here’s the video of that keynote speech:

I wrote this article because I couldn’t stand the thought of hearing John Nolte tell us that Donald Trump was “the great truth-teller of 2015.” That’s such total BS, it stinks from Philadelphia to San Francisco and from Minneapolis to Houston.

This morning, Diana West stinks up the place again with this article by saying that we should “rally around Donald Trump.” Here’s the heart of West’s case for rallying to Trump:

The enthusiasm real people (as opposed to media and #GOPSmartSet) have shown for Trump and his paradigm-shattering wall is something new and exciting on the political scene. So is the “yuge” sigh of relief. Someone sees the nation bleeding out and wants to stanch the flow. Yes, we can (build a wall). From that day forward, it has been Trump, dominating the GOP primary process and setting all of the potentially restorative points of the agenda, compelling the other candidates to address them, and the MSM, too. Blasting through hard, dense layers of “political correctness” with plain talk that shocks, Trump has set in motion very rusty wheels of reality-based thinking, beginning a long-overdue honest-to-goodness public debate about the future of America — or, better, whether there will be a future for America. That debate starts at the border, too.

There’s a major flaw with Trump as commander-in-chief. The Constitution only works if it governs moral people. Mr. Trump isn’t a moral person. He’s repeated said dishonest things, then insisted that he hadn’t said the dishonest things that were videotaped. Think about his disgusting statement about Carly Fiorina’s face. The first time he was challenged about it at a debate, Trump insisted that he hadn’t disparaged Mrs. Fiorina.

Think about Mr. Trump’s statement that Megyn Kelly had mistreated him and that she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever”, then explaining that he wasn’t suggesting that he’d been mistreated by Ms. Kelly because she was menstruating.

Anyone that will follow a person as morally deficient as Mr. Trump isn’t trustworthy. Ms. West, however well-intentioned she is, has essentially said that we should follow a highly immoral person. That’s something I won’t do. I’ve voted for people that I didn’t agree with. I won’t vote for immoral people.

That’s why I won’t rally around Mr. Trump.

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One Response to “Tarnishing Breitbart’s legacy”

  • eric z says:

    It is unclear how you are juxtaposing Breitbart and Trump.

    I suppose it has something to do with the embedded video which my browser script blocker nixed.

    As to Breitbart, while not a follower and in disagreement with the little I know of him, there is a YouTube “interview” by Martin Bashir online that is extremely offensive, not because of anything Breitbart said but by the rudeness of the interviewer. It is worth tracking down if you’ve not seen it. Very offensively handled by that network. If you invite someone onto a network to discuss anything, you handle it as Charley Rose does, rather than as a pitbull programmed into interruption/loudness mode. Otherwise, don’t invite.

    As to Trump, he is, after all, speaking to a big part of the Republican base. While that is something you and other Republican Inner Party folks wish to deny, it is who your people have courted to gain majorities going back to Lee Atwater and including Karl Rove. Pandering to base instincts and extreme stupidities within your base was not a new Trump invention.

    It’s a simple case of Trump reaping what the Bush family and their henchmen – and going back to Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” – have sown.

    Ugly, yes. Non-Republican, sorry, you’re wrong there.

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