If I had a vote for the Beltway Boys’ Ups and Downs segment, I’d give Norm Coleman an up arrow. According to this Strib article, Sen. Coleman is leaving on an Iraq fact-finding mission. Here’s what he’s quoted as saying in the Strib:

“My position is based on information that I get from people on the ground and things I hear,” Coleman said in a phone interview Wednesday morning.

The first-term senator’s fourth trip to Iraq comes only weeks before U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Gen. David Petraeus come to Washington to testify before lawmakers about progress in the region. Coleman said his trip’s purpose is to understand how to accelerate political reconciliation without undermining military success. He said he plans to meet with Crocker in Baghdad and will travel to other parts of the country.”

That’s one of the most intelligent positions I’ve heard. Better yet, it’s great knowing that Sen. Coleman doesn’t appear to consider abandoning our Iraq allies as a viable option. Rather, it appears as though he’d rather see us redouble our efforts to help with political reconciliation, which is the weak spot in our Iraq strategy right now.

That alone would be enough to earn Sen. Coleman an up arrow but he didn’t stop with enunciating an intelligent position on Iraq. Instead, he called for Sen. Craig to resign from the Senate:

“Senator Craig pled guilty to a crime involving conduct unbecoming a senator,” the Minnesota Republican said in a terse, two-sentence statement. “He should resign.”

Amen to that. Let’s hope that Sen. Craig resigns quickly rather than dragging this out. The outcome would be the same either way.

Again, kudos to Sen. Coleman for taking strong principled stands on two big issues this week.

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