MnSCU Awards For Outstanding Financial Management Leadership
by Silence Dogood

On January 5th, MnSCU announced a series of awards “Recognizing Outstanding Financial Management Leadership.”

There are two types of awards. The “Chancellor’s Award,” which is “presented to individuals or teams whose efforts support the MnSCU Strategic Framework and result in systemwide improvements in financial management, services, or processes. Award criteria focused on innovation, collaboration, and new work that is above and beyond regular duties.”

For 2014, there were two Chancellor’s Awards:

Rick Straka, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Bill Maki, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College

The second award is an “Outstanding Service Award,” which is “presented to individuals or teams who provide outstanding service at the campus level. Award criteria focused on those who have made significant systemwide contributions that warrant recognition.”

For 2014, there were ten Outstanding Service Awards:

Budget Committee
Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College

Finance Staff
Dakota Community & Technical College

Finance Staff
Inver Hills Community College

Lori Voss, CFO and Vice President of Administration
Minnesota West Community & Technical College

Helen Wenner, Purchasing Card Coordinator
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Debra Norman, Accounting Officer
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Steve Smith, Associate Vice President for Budget and Business Services
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Business Office Team
Saint Paul College

Deb Kerkaert, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Southwest Minnesota State University

Business Office and Financial Aid Teams
St. Cloud Technical & Community College

While there really isn’t an official competition between SCSU and Mankato, it is striking to recognize that one of the two Chancellor’s Awards went to someone at Mankato and three of the ten Outstanding Service Awards went to individuals at Mankato. SCSU was noticeably absent.

Perhaps a 0.07 Composite Financial index for FY14 and a $9,542,000 budget shortfall for FY15 had something to do with that.

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  • Crimson Trace says:

    I see the chancellor also received an award from all 7 MnSCU universities…the vote of no confidence award.

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