Calling in-home child care providers extremists won’t help Gov. Dayton politically with this group. Still, that’s what he did yesterday:

He added, “There’s a whole extreme right-wing element in this state and this country who believe they should dictate to people, ‘No you don’t have that chance, to vote for yourself.'”

Gov. Dayton, it’s time you stopped with the vitriol. You represent all Minnesotans, not just those that contribute to your campaign. Predictably, Gov. Dayton’s aide tried walking his boss’s statements back:

Bob Hume, Dayton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, said the governor respects providers who oppose the union and has met with them in the past. He said Dayton’s reference to the “extreme right wing” was “not to the providers, but to the national moneyed interests” who are funding lawsuits and seeking to prevent providers from voting.

That’s a pathetic explanation. It’s as if Mr. Hume expects people to think that the people filing the lawsuits aren’t in-home child care providers. Unfortunately for Mr. Hume, in-home child care providers were the people that filed the lawsuits. These independent businesspeople also lobbied the legislature to not pass the bill in the first place.

Predictably, the DFL ignored these grassroots women’s efforts. And yes, it’s grassroots because it’s mostly been the effort of a handful of in-home child care providers that organized these efforts. The DFL legislature didn’t care. They owed the public employee unions too much to say no to the unions.

The DFL legislature didn’t care that private sector employers aren’t public sector employees. They wrote the bill in such a way that said these independent business owners were public sector employees. Using their logic, anyone doing any work for the government would fit the description of a public employee. Cement contractors, public housing contractors and others would be getting their checks from the government.

Gov. Dayton has a nasty habit of shooting his mouth off at people he disagrees with. That’s especially true when he doesn’t stick to his script. His vitriolic statements reveal the real Dayton.

The definition of a political gaffe is when a person accidentally tells the truth or accidentally reveals a part of their personality/character that they don’t want the public to see. That’s what happened with Gov. Dayton when he made these hate-filled, ill-advised statements.

Is Gov. Dayton the gentleman he tries to portray? Or is he the vitriolic man that surfaced yesterday? Or is it that he can’t control himself, at least not consistently? I suspect it’s all of the above. It’s a shame he can’t control himself. It’s a shame because he lapses into the vitriolic politician far too often.

Couple his vitriolic nature with the fact that he’s totally beholden to the DFL’s special interest allies and you have the recipe for a disaster. That desciption definitely fits Gov. Dayton. He’s been a disaster for most of the last 15 years.

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