Anyone who’s paid attention to St. Cloud’s transportation priorities list knows that getting regional air service to Chicago, IL is St. Cloud’s highest priority. The fact that the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, the Central Minnesota Transportation Alliance, the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce and the APO are each working this issue is testimony to the fact that this is St. Cloud’s top transportation priority.

The only institution that isn’t helping in this process is St. Cloud State. If SCSU won’t help with workforce training, St. Cloud will face a difficult, uphill fight to get air service to St. Cloud.

President Potter is a member of the GSDC. What’s interesting is this information from the Let’s Go St. Cloud website:

Regional air service is a critical building block for Central Minnesota’s business and economic growth. That’s why securing scheduled commercial air service at the St. Cloud Regional Airport is the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation’s first initiative, in it’s efforts to lead economic development for the benefit of the Greater St. Cloud community.

President Potter belongs to an organization that’s put a high priority on getting a regional carrier into the airport. What’s he done lately to make that a reality?

Further down the page, this bullet-pointed case for air service is made:

The City of St. Cloud, the St. Cloud Regional Airport and the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation have made air service to Chicago O’Hare (ORD) a top priority due to the critical impact it will have on the region by:

  • Providing $17+ million in economic impact annually
  • Helping the greater St. Cloud community more easily connect with the global business community
  • Creating a gateway to and from the region
  • Attracting talented individuals and national and multinational companies
  • Offering more domestic and international connections than MSP
  • Decreasing auto and travel costs with less driving mileage, free parking and free Wi-Fi
  • Providing convenience with local proximity, shorter lines, quick check in and accessible parking.

Finally, it’s fitting that President Potter hasn’t stepped forward on this:

We’re waiting for you. It’s time for you to get on board and partner with us today. Let’s Go.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s time for President Potter’s institution to get on board.

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  • Crimson Trace says:

    A well written article. And an embarrassment to the organizations trying to get air service to St. Cloud.

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