Wednesday afternoon on America Live with Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams went off the deep end. In fact, he went off the really deep end. Megyn invited him on the show to debate Marc Thiessen about President Obama’s war on coal agenda.

First, Thiessen said that this isn’t about controlling pollution, citing this administration’s report showing that CO2 emissions are the same today as they were in 1992. It’s at that point when Megyn asked why President Obama was implementing this agenda without the consent of Congress.

Williams responded, first saying that people had a right to breath, then saying “We can’t let politics interfere” with people’s right to breath.

That’s the definition of an imperial president. The Founding Fathers wanted politics to “interfere” with the president’s agenda. That’s why they wrote a Constitution filled with checks and balances. That’s why they chose a republic, not a democracy. As we saw in Minnesota this year, democracy can be hijacked by mob rule. Mob rule isn’t any better than letting a tyrant king issue edicts from his throne.

If the minority doesn’t have a say in governing and policymaking, the results head south quickly.

What’s particularly stunning is that Williams was foolish enough to admit he, along with other Democrats, love governing through presidential fiat rather than working with Republicans.

That’s the worst of it. That isn’t the only negative part of this. Williams is okay with President Obama fundamentally changing the US economy without congressional input. President Obama’s war on coal will kill the economies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and Indiana.

Juan Williams and like-minded Democrats don’t have a problem with President Obama killing those states’ economies in the name of the environment and public health. In their minds, statistics aren’t important. The Democrats’ agenda is everything to these imperialists.

The Constitution doesn’t allow for that. The people are ill-served by government by executive fiat. In short, there’s nothing positive about Williams’ worldview.

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