This past Tuesday, Democrats won a decisive victory. While much of the discussion has questioned whether Republicans have to move to the center or who will win the battle for the GOP’s soul, I’ve focused on a different tactic.

With a couple notable exceptions, conservatives believe in the right things. A couple adjustments will fix things there.

Starting this January, it’s time for Republicans to pick fights with President Obama and Harry Reid. The sooner, the better. In fact, the bigger the fight, the better off we’ll be.

I’d hope the House would start with a fight on fossil fuel permitting increases and EPA regulatory relief. Send the message that Republicans won’t budge an inch on anything coming from the Senate or White House until they agree to reshape energy policy.

That’s just one thing to pick a fight over. Another fight worth picking is over the ACA. The House GOP Doctors Caucus should immediately draft legislation that increases patients’ health insurance options. It should include a provision eliminating the federal government’s ability to dictate to health care consumers what coverages must be in their government-mandated insurance policies.

I’d call for hearings that include health insurance company executives testifying that they could reduce health insurance premiums by giving consumers greater latitude and choice.

In 2014, Democrats in the House and Senate will have to run by defending their votes to limit people’s health insurance options. I’d love seeing the Democrats defend their votes to kill the fossil fuel industries. Likewise, I can’t wait seeing them defend their votes to keep gas prices high and electric bills expensive. Let’s see the Democrats explain how they sided with the militant environmentalists instead of voting for robust job growth.

Again, the House should call for hearings of oil, coal and natural gas company CEOs to highlight the fact that they’d love to create millions of new jobs if only this administration’s EPA would take their foot off the energy companies’ throats. Have them explain that, at minimum, additional exploration and production will lead to lower prices and higher wages.

With the Obama Recession heading in our direction at an accelerating rate, it’s time for Republicans to offer the most compelling alternative plan to President Obama’s policies. Highlight the fact that President Obama’s policies alone have lead to high gas prices, dropping family incomes and high unemployment.

Now that the election is over, I hope the superPACs don’t disappear until 2014 or 2016. I hope they fund outreach programs. Have these outreach programs reach into parts of society that the GOP hasn’t spent much time in. The people doing outreach must speak fluent Main Street. Technocratese won’t cut it.

Let’s start picking important fights that impact families’ ability to cope financially. If we take that path and we communicate our agenda without talking in technocratese, the GOP’s resurgence won’t take as long as the experts predict.

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7 Responses to “Let’s pick the important fights”

  • eric z says:

    Fracking, the devestation of fracking should by your guys first hearing. Christ!

    Have you ever heard of working together for the common good?

  • Gary Gross says:

    When did the Democrats last do something that’s helped anyone other than their special interest allies? Try early in the Bush administration, if then.

    Fracking isn’t the environmental disaster the D’s say it is. It’s apparent you haven’t noticed that pollution has been cut dramatically.

    Despite that improvement, militant environmentalists still insist that we’re destroying the earth. Let’s remember that they’re the people that predicted we’d get 4-5 years of oil out of Prudhoe Bay. That’s what the president of the Sierra Club wrote in Outdoor Life magazine…in 1973. A brief 39 years later, they’re still getting oil from Prudhoe.

    Militant environmentalists have been tragically wrong with their predictions more often than Joe Biden’s been wrong about national security/foreign policy issues. In fact, they’ve been wrong more frequently than VP Biden & John Kerry combined.

    When the Democrats pull their heads out of their collective asses & start doing thing that make life better for Americans, the GOP will be waiting to work with them.

    While they’re doing destructive things like the ACA, driving up the price of a gallon of gas, making it more expensive to heat our homes, not to mention making groceries more expensive, the GOP will be the loyal opposition.

    We lost some elections but I refuse to take a defeatist attitude.

    A recession is heading our way fast. This time, it’s a recession of President Obama’s making. People are laying people off as the direct result of the ACA. The EPA is killing mining & killing Pennsylvania’s, Ohio’s & Virginia’s economies.

    We’ll be there to highlight this administration’s failures. Deal with it.

  • Chad Q says:

    You make me laugh every time you post a your silly little comments eric z. Working together for the common good?! What that means in your little world is having the GOP bend over, take in the tail pipe and go along with whatever the democrats want to do. That’s your idea of compromise.

    Your president has already said he has a mandate to raise taxes and such so do you think he’s going to come together for the common good? Nope, he’s going to ram whatever he can down our throats and then, when congress won’t do his bidding, he’ll just throw in another executive order to get his way like the petulent little child he is.

    You, the president, and the rest of the democrat party will not be happy until the government controls everything and we are all dependent on the government for everything we get. You may think you’ll survive because you support this kind of thinking but in the end, you’ll still get eaten by the government just like everyone else.

    As Gary said, your president owns this economy so who is he going to blame the next 4 years because God knows he won’t take responsibility.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, with your delineating a strategy, do you view David Hann as a good choice to be the tip of the spear in any such implementation?

    If not Hann, who would you have chosen?

    Also, if you really like Hann, a sentence or two about his strongest points would be informative.

    Last thing, nationally, will the GOP really continue to work to scuttle middle class tax relief? Is there no learning curve?

  • Bob says:

    I agree with Gary in that the best defense against another thrashing is a good offense. Too bad all the liberal media pundits have the Republicans chasing their tail over immigration!
    Conservatives, it is time to take a strong move on offense and stop being distracted by the shiny object(s) dangled by the liberals.
    The Dayton Family Liars party is firmly in control in Minnesota. We could use a good, hard hitting ground game offense here before we become a cold snowy California :-(

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, David Hann won’t win many wars because Bakk’s got the votes but he’ll run circles around the neanderthal from Cook. I love the pick of David Hann. He’s smart, assertive & he’s cool under pressure.

    Like I said, he’ll make Bakk look foolish more than once.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Don’t think the Democrats will get away with that “middle class tax relief” BS for long. This administration’s policies have directly led to higher gas prices, more expensive grocery bills, declining wages & higher unemployment thanks to their hostility towards fossil fuels, crony capitalism that rewards PEUs & major contributors & the ACA in that particular order.

    If I were a political consultant, I’d have Republicans articulating those things frequently. Democrats hurt the middle class & entrepreneurs with their policies. Now it’s time for them to pay for their policies.

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