When Newt Gingrich squared off against Gov. Martin O’Malley on MTP, it wasn’t a fair fight. This clash is telling:

DAVID GREGORY: Unemployment rate in Massachusetts came down under his stewardship.

GOV. MARTIN O’MALLEY: Well, the unemployment rate came down in a lot of states. They were different times. Right now our unemployment rate nationally has been driven down to the lowest level in three years. And it could be driven down further, more quickly with more job creation, if we would get beyond the sort of Tea Party Republican obstructionism that tries to prevent any modern investments to make this modern economy

Gov. O’Malley’s spin is sickening. TEA Party obstructionism isn’t what’s killing jobs. What’s killing jobs are the things that Democrats did the first 2 years of this administration.

The stimulus failed. Obamacare is a jobkilling machine that doesn’t help people get affordable health care. The EPA and NLRB have done their utmost to destroy jobs, too.

Thankfully, these things will get rectified when this administration is fired.

While Gov. O’Malley spun this administration’s economic record the best he could, Newt waited patiently for the right opportunity to pounce, which he did with this volley:

NEWT GINGRICH: So– so let’s start down that road. Why has unemployment come down? Unemployment’s come down because participation in the workforce is at the lowest point it’s been in three decades. People are retiring early because they can’t find a job. People have given up looking. If you look at the Gallup surveys, the real number of those who are unemployed, underemployed, and quit looking are around 19%.

This is a disastrous administration. And, candidly, if you wanna get into a fight over debt in an administration which raised the national debt from 47% of the economy to 74% in three and a half years, I– this is why Obama’s gonna have a hard time this fall. He can’t fight over jobs ’cause he isn’t creating them. He can’t fight over debt ’cause he’s increasing it.

He has policies that at least half of the American people find very unacceptable. And I think Romney has a pretty straightforward case. Can you afford four more years of Barack Obama? Can you really afford four more years of this kind of economy? Can you afford four more years of this kind of debt?

As good as that Gingrich volley was, it was surpassed by this devastating shot:

NEWT GINGRICH: I just wanna make one point. At this stage in 1984, no one on the Reagan team was talking about the Carter recession because they were talking about the Reagan recovery. They were talking about the rate of job creation under Reagan. They were talking about the success of Reagan. This is an administration which went from “yes, we can” to “why we couldn’t.”

In September, 1983, job creation exploded, with the economy creating 1,100,000 jobs. That’s the biggest single month since the BLS started collecting that data in 1939.

Some context is important in understanding these statistics. First, the Carter recession was worse than the Bush recession. Unemployment was high. Inflation was in the double digits. Interest rates for home mortgages peaked in the 16% range in Central Minnesota and nationwide.

Next, Reagan’s tax cuts, especially his capital gains tax cuts, changed the trajectory of the economy. He trusted the American people to invest in themselves and their futures. The Big Three automakers modernized their plants. Hundreds of thousands of people were hired. Michigan boomed so much that it became the home of an historical phenomenon known as the Reagan Democrat.

By contrast, this administration invested in their political allies. Their biggest campaign bundlers got taxpayer-subsidized loans. See Solyndra and LightSquared. This administration’s union allies got bailouts. See the UAW bailouts. See the PEU’s bailouts in the form of money to the sates via the stimulus.

Whereas President Reagan was creating Reagan Democrats, President Obama is having difficulty getting Democrats to support him. See West Virginia, where a convicted felon serving in a Texas prison got 41% of the vote. See Arkansas where a flake got 42% of the vote. See Kentucky, where someone who doesn’t exist (Uncommitted) got 41% of the vote.

Reagan attracted voters because his policies worked spectacularly. Obama is driving voters away because his policies have failed miserably.

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3 Responses to “Newt torches Obama on MTP”

  • eric z says:

    It will be an interesting election. Romney is such an uptight quasi-human, it is hard to take him seriously, except as an ice-cold corporate raider with little sense of decency toward those whose jobs he ruthlessly killed. He did it for profit to himself and the BAIN fellow travelers. That will hurt him. Not that Obamaa is warm, but he is relaxed. NOT uptight.

    Personalities, and perceptions that way, will be important. How do you see Romney overcoming his image as an uptight spoiled brat having reached middle age with advantages all the way that ordinary folks never have had — and hence a man with no, zippo, zero empathy for those whose votes he wants?

    That is a major question and ducking it will not make it go away. Romney could be CIA. He would fit in. The two words that come to mind re Romney are wooden and ice. How do you see his changing that perception?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Whether you like it or not, this election is about President Obama’s failures. The EPA’s insistence on killing the fossil fuel industry will kill President Obama in Ohio, Virginia & Pennsylvania.

    Mitt’s done a couple smart things, too, starting with talking up approving the Keystone XL Pipeline immediately after his inauguration. He’s also talking about opening up oil exploration, which is something that the vast majority of Americans approve of.

    Lowering gas prices & electric bills will sit well with ‘common folk’ just fine. They don’t have to want to have a beer with the guy. They just have to know he’s working to make their lives better. That’s how he addresses that issue directly.

  • walter hanson says:


    Um that spoil brat is Obama. Did you recently hear about how he doesn’t like the Camp David golf course? With President Romney we won’t hear about trips to Martha’s vineyard (done on seperate planes at our expense), Hollywood fundraisers, etc.

    Keep in mind Eric the public wants somebody who can run their economy so they can have jobs and spending money and they know as fact that Obama can’t do anything right with the economy. That’s why Romney will kick Obama’s butt this fall.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN
    Minneapolis, MN

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