St. Cloud lost a giant in the history of the city when Larry Haws passed away Tuesday. He was 72. During his short time in the state legislature, Larry was the workhorse who got things done. Tarryl Clark had the higher profile but Larry’s the one who got the work done.

Larry was in his first full term in the House when he submitted a lengthy list of items for that year’s bonding bill. Unlike other legislators, though, Larry’s projects were mostly maintenance items of state buildings, something clearly within the state’s list of responsibilities.

I had a pair of tussles with Larry but it was impossible to not respect his commitment to serving St. Cloud. He was an educator, a sports coach, the leader of St. Cloud’s Park & Recreation Department.

Larry even sat in for conservative talk show host Dan Ochsner occasionally. That’s just who Larry was.

My prayers & sympathies go out to Larry’s family. I can only imagine the pain they’re going through. AFter all, it isn’t easy losing a giant.

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    I’d also like t offer my condolences to the Haws family. As I said to Larry on election night 2010, at the end of KNSI’s coverage, “I may not have always agreed with you, but I’ve ALWAYS respected you. I hope you enjoy your retirement, and may you have a long and happy retirement”.

    Sadly his retirement wasn’t long, but I’m sure, in spite of the health issues, it was a happy one.

    Rest in Peace Larry.

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