This past three months have been busy months here at LFR. In that time, I’ve made alot of influential enemies. One of those enemies is SCSU President Earl Potter. My exclusive reporting on President Potter’s constant changing of why he closed the Aviation Department has upset him mightily.

I wear that as a badge of honor.

LFR’s researching and reporting on the unions’ attempt to organize small businesses pretty much stood alone. LFR also played a prominent role in exposing DTL-Minnesota’s attempt to corrupt Minnesota’s redistricting plans. LFR was the first in reporting that Judge Dale Lindman had ruled against ABM, TakeAction Minnesota and Common Cause MN.

LFR was also a leader in analyzing DTL-Minnesota’s corruption.

The next three months promise to be even more eventful. With people’s financial support, I’ll be able to deliver the type of original reporting that you won’t get from the Strib, the St. Cloud (Some)Times and the Pi-Press.

Any support given, whether it’s $5, $25 or more goes along way because I keep my expenses to a minimum.

Your contributions (Click on the donate icon in the upper right corner of the page) will go a long ways towards winning the hearts and minds battles that conservatives confront daily. Thanks so much for your support and loyal readership.

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