This morning, President Obama’s taxpayer-funded campaign tour got off to a feisty start:

And he went after Congress for failing to compromise over measures to do both.

“You’ve got to send a message to Washington that it’s time for the games to stop. It’s time to put country first,” Obama said, his voice rising. “Some folks in Congress…would rather see their opponents lose, than America win.”

The town hall, and several more events in Iowa and Illinois this week, set the stage for battles over the economy and the budget coming this fall.

Describing a litany of unexpected shocks to the economy, from the earthquake in Japan to the unrest in the Middle East, Obama repeated his call for extending a two- percentage-point cut in the payroll tax when it expires at the end of this year.

He called on Congress to pass measures to hire construction workers, a trio of trade bills, an overhaul of patent laws and new tax credits to spur new jobs for veterans.

What’s disturbing is that President Obama lied when he said that “Some folks in Congress…would rather see their opponents lose, than America win.” That cheapshot accusation won’t cut it with me. If President Obama is going to make that accusation, then he’d better name names.

This fits into President Obama’s pattern of using strawman arguments. I don’t believe for a split-second that “folks in Congress would rather see their opponents lose than see America win.” Again, if President Obama is making these accusations, he’d better have verifiable proof to back those accusations up.

Another thing that’s interesting is President Obama’s insistence that everything that’s wrong with Washington is the Republicans’ fault. That dog don’t hunt. The economy has underperformed the people’s needs President Obama’s administration. Democrats were in total control of DC for 2 years. What’s more is that the budget bills were passed with Democrats’ votes only. Republicans didn’t vote for the stimulus, Obamacare or the Democrats’ budgets.

At what point will President Obama take responsibility for the crappy economy?

President Obama made a significant mistake when he said this:

“We’re not growing as fast as we need to, to drive down the unemployment rate,” Obama said.

He’s right. It isn’t growing fast enough to lower the unemployment rate. The only times that the unemployment rate has dropped has been when 100,000+ people have stopped looking for work that month.

In fact, it isn’t unreasonable to think that the economy has stopped growing. Certainly the downward revision of the Q1 GDP from 1.9% to .4% doesn’t suggest that the economy is doing anything but treading water, if that.

Democrats had 2 full years to diagnose, then fix, the economy. That didn’t happen. That’s why they lost a humiliating 63 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. That’s why 19 state legislative majorities flipped from Democrat to Republican.

The scripting for the event was obvious:

Before the event, audience members gave an upbeat appraisal of Obama’s record on jobs, though some said they want him to push even more for taxing the rich.

“I’d like to see the ultra-rich pay their fair share,” said Ryan Zimmer, a nurse from Rochester. “He’s got to be a politician, but I’d like to see a bit more push.”

“I think he’s doing a good job. He inherited a very big deficit,” said Bob Sixta, a financial planner from Rochester. “He and Michelle are the first residents of the White House to be familiar with both organic food and leftovers.”

It’s utterly absurd to say President Obama “inherited a very big deficit”, especially considering each of the deficits during his administration were 3 times bigger than the last Bush administration deficit.

As far as taxpayer-funded campaigns go, which is what this is, it’s doubtful that this tour will help him. People have, in my opinion, tuned his words out. They’re rating him lower and lower because of his performance.

That he isn’t qualified for the job isn’t Republicans’ fault. That’s his fault and his alone.

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